Viz’s Price Change Unlikely to Affect Sales Significantly

Based on the completely unofficial survey I posted, Viz’s coming price rise is unlikely to affect their sales negatively.

60% of respondents selected “No, I will buy the same titles I follow now.” Only 21% chose “Yes, I will buy fewer Viz titles.” I expected more price resistance, myself.

I know I’m looking for cheaper ways to get manga. Borders has frequent coupons ranging from 15-40%, which helps a lot, but they’re only good on in-stock books. If they don’t have the title on the shelf, they will no longer order it for you, instead telling you to use their online site. No, thanks, not at full price. has the option of used titles, and they have an excellent buyer protection program, but once you add in $4 a title shipping, the used books are the same price as the new ones.

If I’m going to order online, I’ll use, which sells many $10 titles at $8 with free shipping. That’s the best deal I’ve found — do you know of a better one?


  1. Check out In Stock Trades as a possibility. Most trades are discounted up to 35% off. That’s where I wound up ordering my copy of Emma & Hikaru no Go volumes rather than wait and see if Borders would get them in or not.

    I hate special ordering, too, especially for titles I’m on the fence about. I doubt I would have picked up Pluto if I couldn’t have flipped through a copy in store.

  2. Wow, they have some amazing prices, but with it requiring a $50 order to get free shipping, I can’t see myself using them frequently. (Plus, the “we charge your card immediately but may wait to ship if we don’t have the stock” combined with the “no refunds or cancellations” means other places have better customer service.) I never would have thought of them for manga; thanks for the suggestion.

  3. If you can stand to wait a couple months after the release date, Amazon has their 4-for-3 promotion which includes most manga titles. If a book is eligible, it’ll have ‘Special Offers Available’ under the price linking to info specifically about the 4-for-3 below.

    Four $9.99 books comes to ~$7.50 each (plus they qualify for Amazon’s no tax and free shipping).

    Yeah, you have to wait some (I find two months seems to be the norm), but life is busy anyways and I love having 4 new manga arrive in the mail to read all in one sitting. :) It works particularly well for multiple series, as they are released (and become eligible) at around the same time as one another (especially if they’re all Viz).

  4. Lately I’ve been buying all of my manga from or, which both have discounts from 25% to 40% and free shipping on orders over $25. Tower’s prices fluctuate quite a bit, so I use to track price changes and snag them when they hit a low enough threshold to satisfy my frugal ways.

  5. I use Amazon Prime, so no shipping costs. Or rather, it costs about $80 a year for unlimited shipping. I figure that I break even just on Christmas, and the rest of the year is gravy.

  6. I use this for comics sometimes instead of the european amazons, it has free shipping, but the mangas seem to be cheap too.

  7. I usually order from They have a small discount on all of their manga and free shipping for orders over $40.00.

    You can also join their $5.55 club which lets you pick out a manga for only $5.55 and that book will also count if you buy a total number of manga to get the free shipping.

  8. Thanks so much for the suggestions! The 4-for-3 idea is a good one. And I’m glad you weighed in, John, since I know you’ve done some research on all this.

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  10. generally lists manga for 10-25% off, depending on the publisher, and with a Got Anime membership you can knock that down further. (Of course, the membership costs $12, so it’s only worth it if you spend over $120 or so a year, but if you do it adds up.) Free shipping is at $49.

  11. I still suggest buying used from honest folks – I’ve bought manga from reputable people via LiveJournal and from eBay. I noticed that Borders now has a marketplace, with some used manga as low as $2 per volume.

    I also purchase from one publisher when has their publisher sales, where you can get about a third off of your order. You can also sometimes pre-order from publishers, so if I don’t have enough books in stock right now from a publisher, I’ll just add my pre-orders in order to get free shipping (they ship free for $50+).

  12. The problem with Right Stuf is that if they don’t have the title in stock (i.e. it’s listed as “on order”), then chances are that you could be waiting a while for it.

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