What Is Your Geekiest Thing?

Many of us are geeks and proud of it, but just out of curiosity… what is your geekiest thing?

Me, it’s using this ringtone for my cellphone. It’s the sound used for the special phones on the unsuccessful Global Frequency TV pilot. I don’t think anyone but me recognizes it, but whenever my phone rings, I’m reminded of just how obscure that is.

How about you?

27 Responses to “What Is Your Geekiest Thing?”

  1. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Let’s see I have Superman boxer shorts, a Betty Boop wallet, Fullmetal Alchemist shoes,& a Snoopy case for my sunglasses. It’s kind of hard to pick just one. I don’t any of my geeky items to be offended. Could I say I’m the geekiest think I own?

  2. ADD Says:

    Either my Superman money clip or my Spider-Man Life-Sized Head Bust that looms over my desk in the living room…probably the latter due to its sheer visibility.

    Love that ringtone! Thanks for posting it.

  3. Steve Wallace Says:

    Probably my binary license plate that translates to ’42’. Not only do you need to be able to read binary but you need to have read or watched Hitchhikers Guide :) The stuffed cthulhu on the dash probably comes in around second.

  4. Manuel Says:

    Have all ‘Manga Sutra’ books and consider them a real and reliable ‘Sex Guide’ to improve my ‘moving’ skills. Oh, I think I shouldn’t have said that.

  5. Chris G. Says:

    Either my published academic article that used a comparison of the original Star Trek with the Next Generation as a means of exploring Alexis de Tocqueville’s theories on democratic decline, or my daughter whose names are inspired by Veronica Mars and Rose Tyler. She’s not named after them, exactly; we liked how the names sound together and never would have thought of them if not for those series.

  6. Sebastian Says:

    I don’t go in for merchandise in general. I just read a lot of comics and sf/f books (which generally also means I simply don’t have any money left to spend on other stuff ^^; ).

    I guess my geekiest things are the screen-names I’m using: “Althalus”, or if that’s taken, “Kilthan” (which is short for “Kilthandahknarthas dihna’Harkanath” and so far has never been taken). They’re both from Fantasy novels.

    The name “Althalus” was the only/most/last memorable thing in a book which (for me) marked the beginning of the decline of a once-favourite author’s originality and readability.

    The name “Kilthan” is less widely used than “Bahzell”, the name of the main hero from the same series, which BTW everyone who likes Fantasy should check out (at least books 1+2 are personal all-time favourites, while 3 IMHO regrettably already shows signs of decline, and when/if 4+ will ever come out is anybody’s guess) and can do so for free at the publisher’s website ( http://www.baen.com/library/ ).

  7. George G. Says:

    Wow. We have the same geek totem: I’ve been using the GF ringtone since almost the day the pilot leaked online. One of the great geek moments of my life came as I was standing in a long line at the post office a year or three ago and my cellphone when off with that tone, prompting the total stranger 20-something dude in back of me to say, “Woah. You better answer that, and I’ll hold your place in line while you go save the world.”

    Runner-up would be the Krypto plush toy who guards my desk, or the Iron Giant figurine who guards/talks to the external hard drive.

  8. vid Says:

    I own batmobile slippers from my childhood. my cell ringtone is the level music from Sonic the Hedgehog’s Twilight Zone with my SMS message alert being either Sega or Earthworm Jim. I kept a bellywashers bottle that had half a Spider-Man for a cap with a drinking spout and movable arms. My friend has some Superman comics toilet paper.

  9. James Schee Says:

    An actual Radu coffee mug, from the coffee shop that was under GL Kyle Rayner’s apartment. It makes me smile every time I see it as its so nifty.

  10. Rob Says:

    I have a Lego model of the old Santa Fe Superchief express train sitting on my desk at work. Steven Speielberg, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, and the cast of Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone are on board.

    Trains, Lego, movies, superheroes, fantasy…as my wife says, I’m all kinds of geek.

    (And my ringtone is “Sirius” by the Alan Parsons Project. Prog geek, too!)

  11. Andre Says:

    Nothing has yet to top my Famous Covers Aunt May action figure.

  12. Blog@Newsarama » Blog Archive » Friday Linkblogging Says:

    […] Johanna Draper Carlson wants to know what your geekiest thing is. […]

  13. StevenRowe Says:

    Probably the walls and walls of bookcases.
    otherwise, the Felix the Cat floor mats in my car….(and Felix on my keychain)

  14. Johanna Says:

    I love geeking out with you all! Thanks for sharing. Sebastian, I had to google those names.

    George, I am so jealous. No one’s ever recognized mine. That’s the coolest story.

    My runner-up would probably be the Emerald Eye. Tom McCraw painted a magic 8-ball for KC, with the message appearing in the pupil. I wish I still had the figure to dress up as the Emerald Empress with that as a prop.

  15. Alexa Says:

    Probably the yellow VW Beetle toy that I took White-Out and Sharpies to to make a Yellow Bug-marine.

    If I ever get a real yellow Beetle, it’s going straight in for a custom paint-job.

  16. Suzene Says:

    A Northstar headshot sketch by John Byrne “autographed” by Jean-Paul Beaubier. Even more than having a sketch of my favorite character by one of my favorite artists, it’s just that touch of fun and humor that the autograph brings that makes me grin and remember why I got so deeply into superhero comics to start with.

  17. Tannie Says:

    I also can’t pick. I think my cellphone ringtone is obscure unless you’re a fan of Zelda games (it’s the fairy fountain song). Awhile back, I had watched Final Fantasy Advent Children, and I was so inspired that I went to look up the victory fanfare… XD But I lost that phone, so I just stuck with a default ringtone until I made the fairy fountain one.
    And I think I had downloaded about 23gb (and more files stored on my external HD) of manga. Not to mention that I love zsnes and old school games.
    Oh. And. I’m studying illustration so I can make my own comics.
    Although my friend calls me an eastern geek, and she is a westernized geek. so.. hahaha…

  18. The Dude Says:

    Oh so many… the 50+ Doctor Who action figures & Tardis playset on my desk at work? The 25+ perfect 4th Doctor scarf I got when I was 13? The 200+ iPhone wallpapers I’ve made of comics & SciFi? The thousands upon thousands of comics I have? The ridiculous references I have stuck in my brain?

    I am so dorky it hurts…

  19. Eric Says:

    I have a lot of geeky stuff. Toys, weird bits of merchandise (Madman Yo-Yo, Tick Coffee Mug), posters, and of course, the comics. I’m also a movie geek, and occasionally a music geek, but everything I’ve got is fairly standard geek fare. I’ve writing and drawing comics for decades, have made short films, and been in bands, all which probably pushes the geek envelope. But, distilled down, I think “My Geekiest Thing” is my podcast. 90 minutes a week of my friend and I reveling in nerdy goodness, debating pointless comic crap, loving every minute of it, and posting it for all to hear. That, to me, is far beyond the edge of geekiness.

  20. Johanna Says:

    What’s the link, Eric?

  21. Eric Says:


    Warning: Explicit language and we’re also not very good, overall.

  22. c tatge Says:

    anything with superhero screams
    geek. What is geek but love of
    process over content?

    I’ve got Superman paraphenalia
    out the wazoo. Star trek and
    atari vcs is particularly geeky.

    Shouldn’t we all be at work?

  23. Kevin Lighton Says:

    Probably one of the Chun-Li figures…

    …Or the plush catbus from Totoro…

    …Or the We Love Katamari soundtrack CD…

    …Or the Heroclix Starro…

    …Or the iPod named after a computer-generated idol singer from Macross Plus…

    …Or the Marvel Legends MODOK build-a-figure, tracked down over several months, 2 stores, and one convention…


  24. Johanna Says:

    I’m beginning to think that one of the signs of being a geek is the inability to pick just one thing. :)

  25. James Says:

    My geekiest thing?

    I spend most of my vacation working on making Star Trek episodes with these guys:


  26. Hal Shipman Says:

    I never saw the GF pilot, though we liked the books. But when I got curious about the ringtone and played the clip here, I had to have it. Geek factor aside, it’s a really good ring – I love it.

    Aside from that uber-recent addition, I’d have to say that the Legion Flight Ring (the metal, DC Direct one) on my desk is my favorite geek thing. I got it for Christmas as a complete surprise.

  27. Johanna Says:

    Oh, I’d forgotten about that! I should look for mine.




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