Maddow Gets More Mileage From Archie Marriage

Following up on last week’s clip about Archie and Veronica getting married, the Rachel Maddow Show had a followup on Thursday:

Fun things in this one:

  • Comments from other comic characters, including Reggie, Richie Rich, Daffy Duck, and the Incredible Hulk. (?!? Does this count as fanfic from the show writers?)
  • They use both classic and “new look/realistic”-style art interchangeably.
  • Betty’s blog is discussed. (“Betty really has a blog?” asks Rachel Maddow.)

I’m beginning to think that “fixing his car” — the repeated good quality attributed to Betty — is being used as code for something else. Her willingness to get dirty, perhaps? Keep Archie’s motor running?

Update: My last comment led to the following conversation:

KC: Are you saying Betty’s easy?
JDC: No, just that she may care so much for Archie that she may go further.
KC: I miss the idea of winding up with the girl next door.
JDC: Well, it was really sending the message to resist the lure of the big bad city, that true happiness was really in your home town. That changed when more Americans began living in urban settings than rural.
KC: And Riverdale changed when the outside world invaded, as symbolized by the rich Lodges coming to town.

11 Responses to “Maddow Gets More Mileage From Archie Marriage”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Wow I can’t believe that on Veronica’s blog she has the nerve to wonder if Betty would be her maid of honor!!

    This is just so weird!!

    Where are the parent groups out there complaining about teen marriage?? Did Archie knock Veronica up?? Oh why didn’t Veronica listen to that smart Palin girl about abstinence.:)

  2. buzz Says:

    How many people here remember when Archie, Reggie, and Jughead were inducted in the Army back in the early 70s?

    I’m guessing Veronica and/or Archie gets cold feet at the last minute, they decide they’re too young, and the status remains quo.

    Veronica promises but never delivers; Betty never promises but would deliver if given the chance.

  3. james,jones,or Mccoy Says:

    There’s actually a story in which Archie and Betty get stranded on a road trip and have to stay in the same motel room. When Betty’s father finds out he is furious and goes over to the Andrews house and accuses Archie of eloping with Betty. Of course it turns out all to be innocent, but ends with Betty scheming to do it again….
    But far more interesting is a Little Betty story in which her rarely seen older sister Polly gets engaged. She’s drawn in such a way to imply she’s in her early twenties. Betty also has an older brother named Chic.This is the only appearance of any of the kids in the Archie universe having sibling prior to the introduction of the Cabot twins in the Josie comics. But Betty’s parents are usually portrayed as young forty somethings, implying that every one in this family marries young. If they’re all highschool age, the oldest they can all be is probably seventeen or eighteen. It’s only been in the past century that teen marriage has become uncommon. No other animal waits that long to mate.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Well, our society has separated the whole mate/legal connection thing, so that’s less of a concern. :)

  5. buzz Says:

    Actually, Leroy (a semi-regular in the comic strip) started out as Veronica’s brother but has been demoted to first cousin, presumably after Mr. Lodge got the DNA test results…

  6. james,jones,or Mccoy Says:

    On a similar note, a junior version of Jughead called Souphead is described as his nephew,implying Jughead either has a sister or a brother.

  7. Scott Says:

    I wonder if the Archie version of the Devil will show up in 10 or 15 years and offer Archie a way out of the marriage…

  8. Hsifeng Says:

    Did anyone else here see Something Positive‘s reference to Archie’s marriage? ;)

  9. Michelle Says:

    for anyone wondering why they’re getting married as teenagers, this actually is going to take place, like, 6 years in the future. they just graduated from college or something when he proposes.

  10. DaDa Says:

    @6, Souphead has been described as Jughead’s cousin from his fathers side, not nephew.

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