Ladies Get Free Comics

In an attempt to counterbalance some of the stupider “only boys allowed” coverage lately (another example), good guy Thom Zahler is giving away copies of his excellent superhero romance Love and Capes.

The first 75 women who visit his table, booth SP-638, at Heroes Con this upcoming weekend get a free copy of the comic. Visit to see what the strip is about.

I’m sad I won’t be at Heroes to say hi and “neat idea”. It’s a great way to call attention to the issue of leaving out one gender.

9 Responses to “Ladies Get Free Comics”

  1. Mireille Says:

    Just women?

  2. Dawn Says:

    It’s fascinating that the L. A. Times article begins by denigrating fans of the “Twilight” series and then points out how hot vampires, werewolves, and reptilian aliens are.

    Good for Zahler.

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  4. Dawn Says:

    *L.A. Times

    Maybe I should just look at the pictures.

  5. Torsten Adair Says:

    Mr. Zahler, a self-publisher, has participated in the last two FCBD events. That alone is amazing, but this year’s issue was one of the best FCBD stories, and worthy of Eisner consideration.

    “Love and Capes” is a fantastic romantic comedy involving a superpowered hero and his normal fiance. The first collected trade paperback is available from IDW, and is highly recommended.

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  7. Greg Says:

    “It’s a great way to call attention to the issue of leaving out one gender. ”

    On the other hand, it leaves out one gender.

  8. Johanna Says:

    Exactly! It turns the tables as an awareness exercise.

  9. Mireille Says:

    Call me a foolish idealist, but as chuckle-worthy as it is to turn these talbes, I’m left with an uneasy feeling of tit for tat.

    Eh, might work though. Some people are just damned thick skulled when it comes to accepting the error in their ways.




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