Tails by Ethan Young

Tails is Ethan Young’s semi-autobiographical story of a cartoonist who takes care of a dozen cats while living with his parents. What a recipe for disaster!


It was previously self-published, but as so many others these days, Young found that the economics didn’t work well for him in print:

Like every other deluded, quixotic creator entering the field with their head in the clouds, I was expecting immediate riches and rewards; that all the wealth, fame and glory I deserved would fall directly onto my lap … When you’re putting out a 24 page black & white comic, you wouldn’t need to sell that many copies to break even; and not that many more to turn a small, if not minuscule, profit (of course, this is only if we’re talking about printing costs). You sell about 2500 – 3000 copies, and you’re in Breaking-Even-Land. Do enough research, and you’ll find dozens of cautionary tales about self-publishing. You read them over and over again, and you think, “Oh, please! That ain’t gonna happen to me! I’m the next Jeff Smith!” Or Dave Sim or Terry Moore or whoever else you admire. Anyway… I ultimately learned, the hard way, just how rare it was to get pass the gates at Breaking-Even-Land.

So now he’s putting his original miniseries and its sequel online as a webcomic. It’s updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He needs to do some cleanup and tweaking on the site (navigation buttons at the bottom of the image, not just the top; clearing out the test posts; making sure all the dropdown links work), but I enjoyed what I read, and I like his line and his character design. Even if reading about that many cats made me start sneezing.

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  1. Sebastian Says:

    Hey, I remember that series. Bought all 3 issues back then. Nice to see he’s planning to continue.

  2. Tails Comic » Archive » Freelancing - Part 1 Says:

    […] Quick update: Tails was recently reviewed over at Comics Worth Reading. […]




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