How Gemstone Got Their Harvey Nominations

As a followup to the various Harvey Award discussions, former Gemstone employee Travis Seitler has posted a story of how the company provided pre-filled ballots to employees in 2007 and 2008. He says there were a couple of blank spaces left, and

Nobody was required to submit the ballots (I didn’t either year; mostly because I was disgusted by the scheme), but I’m sure we still had two- or three-dozen nearly identical ballots sent for both of those years. The worst part is that they were so pathetically obvious about it. In 2007, completely blank ballots were e-mailed to Gemstone employees and then we were told to not touch those, but to instead wait for the “J.C. Vaughn-approved” (pre-filled) versions to be passed around.

That gives some idea of how few nominations it may take to get on the ballot.

4 Responses to “How Gemstone Got Their Harvey Nominations”

  1. thekamisama Says:

    Well the folks at Disney certainly have cast their own ballots about Gemstone…

  2. Alan Coil Says:

    thekamisama seems to think Disney pulled the license from Gemstone It appears Gemstone fell victim to the excess spending of owner Geppi. The handwriting was on the wall for Gemstone some time ago when they went months without publishing any issues.

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  4. HEY KIDS « mpd57 Says:

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