A Little Internet History and a New DVD Site

Three quick links for your holiday weekend before I go back to reviewing manga:

1. DVDsWorthWatching.com has just gone live. This site is a sister to ComicsWorthReading.com and MangaWorthReading.com — but I think I should stop with three for a while.

2. CompuServe is dead, which makes me feel old and sad. That was the first commercial service with an outstanding comic presence, including much valuable professional participation, and the general level of discourse was very high (because you had to pay to be there, so why waste it?). Before AOL took its crown in the late 90s, the CIS Comics/Animation Forum was the best place for comic fans.

3. I love this guy’s short history of the internet (via Mike Sterling). What sums up 2009? What will be the next hot online place to be?

One Response to “A Little Internet History and a New DVD Site”

  1. Adam Arnold Says:

    Ah, the good old days of not even 56k modem speeds and having to pay not only for the service itself, but the phone charges themselves…

    But yes, I know exactly what you mean. I was on both AOL (mainly for DC Comics Online) and CompuServe back then and I preferred CompuServe because it was just so much faster to use and all the forums felt like a family. My fondest memories are of the Anime/Manga Forum, though, circa 1997-1999.

    [Speaking of CompuServe, you recall the failed attempt to offer web only access through their “WOW!” service?]




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