Forgotten Art Supplies Still in Use in Comics

I enjoyed checking out this gallery of Forgotten Art Supplies for two reasons:

1. I love old technology and seeing how things have changed over the years.

2. Several of the items, I recognized from my recent reading of Drawing Words & Writing Pictures as still being recommended for use in comics, such as the kneaded eraser bunny and the Ames lettering guide.

Comics — still doing art by hand.

2 Responses to “Forgotten Art Supplies Still in Use in Comics”

  1. John Says:

    There is still something nice about the smell of ink, and it’s a lot more fun to draw straight lines with two triangles than with a computer. :0)

    And it’s a lot more magical to draw a box on a piece of paper, and watching as it becomes a window into another world!

    Still, computers have their uses… especially in clean-up. :0)

    JOHN :0)

  2. Rivkah Says:

    I still use (counts) 26 of these “forgotten” supplies.




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