Archie Comics for July 2009

Archie & Friends #132-133

Archie &Friends #133

This two-part story sends the Riverdale gang to become living history re-enactors as part of a festival in Washington, D.C. The costumes make for some neat visuals, but I’m a little put off by the lack of recognition of how much work is involved in the job. Re-enactors study their period and culture thoroughly — it’s not something you can just walk into. “Educating tourists” is even listed as part of their duties, but no training is ever mentioned. (We do see Archie with a script and jokes are made about him having to memorize a variety of historical facts.) Instead, all the attention is spent on wearing cool costumes. I’m sure it won’t surprise anyone to find out that Archie winds up in the stocks, as happens in any sitcom history episode.

I’m not sure why it took two issues to tell this. The second issue is mostly random gags with individual characters exaggerated to make the jokes work: Archie doesn’t recognize his own dad. Reggie is power-hungry and a klutz. Veronica tries to buy the Washington Monument for closet space. (That’s the dumbest of any of the bits.) Betty tells stories about Lincoln while dressed in a Ancient Roman dress slit up much further than a teen should be wearing. It’s all very scattershot.

Jughead & Friends Digest #33

Jughead & Friends Digest #33

Pet lovers, take note — most of the stories this issue revolve around dogs. The new lead story features Jughead and Veronica taking their dogs to try out for movie roles. Juggie isn’t interested until he sees the catering spread typical of a Hollywood production. In order to make Hot Dog look like a hero, Jughead uses his imagination to turn movie examples into situations Hot Dog is already familiar with in order to get the desired reactions. Pretty clever!

I did find it odd that Veronica’s Mitzi looks like a generic cartoon hound, not a pampered pet. Actually, she’s drawn much like That Wilkin Boy’s Rebel, who makes an appearance later in the book. Same caramel coloring, with big back black spot.

Other stories feature wordplay with Hot Dog’s retrieval skills — “I said get a bat, not a hat/cat/mat!” — and a yucky food mixup. In the non-dog arena, oddly surprising stories show Jughead protesting a change in the ice cream man’s route by building a house out of popsicle sticks, imitating a bobblehead, and saving someone’s life while napping on a surfboard. Only Juggie could be that productive while asleep.

Veronica #195

Veronica #195

Veronica goes to Paris for a month, where she meets another Archie who shows her all the usual points of interest. It’s a simple story, with no surprises, but competently executed, and it plays up Veronica’s uniqueness in being able to do this kind of world travel.

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  1. Mark Moore Says:

    “Betty tells stories about Lincoln while dressed in a Ancient Roman dress slit up much further than a teen should be wearing.”

    I take issue with this. When it comes to Betty (and Cheryl), they may wear whatever they please. They are goddesses walking among us mere mortals.




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