Google’s Logo – Superheroes!


Google’s logo today, as shown here, is full of DC love — but where’s Superman?

It’s to promote iGoogle comic themes, which sounds kind of neat, except that I don’t know what iGoogle is or why I would need it. In addition to Superman (thus my asking why he’s missing), you can get themes based on Daniel Clowes, Mutts, the Hulk, Vertigo (which includes Spider Jerusalem), Rin-Ne, Popeye, Hellboy, Jaime Hernandez, Tokyopop’s OEL titles, and lots more. Bravo to them for realizing that the comic medium is really diverse!

12 Responses to “Google’s Logo – Superheroes!”

  1. Joshua Macy Says:

    1) iGoogle is a personalize Google home page, where you can put widgets showing, e.g. your Google mail inbox, calendar, blog reader, news feeds, phase of the moon, etc. I use it as my browser home page.

    2) Popeye! Yay!

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh, thanks for explaining that. I’ve kind of forgotten about the idea of a home page, since I just go wherever directly.

  3. Gail Says:

    I think the personalized comic home page is WAY COOL!!!!! G-R-E-A-T IDEA!!!

  4. SKleefeld Says:

    FWIW, I went through and spent a fair amount of time looking at different portal systems to use. I find it INFINITELY easier than trying to hit an ever-increasing list of bookmarks of pages which may or may not update regularly. I’ve made several posts on the subject; here are probably the most explanatory ones…

  5. T-Mak Says:

    It’s also comicon this weekend, I believe. Probably promoting that.

  6. Laura Says:

    Oh wow, that looks so freaking awesome! COOL BEANS!

  7. Anthony Says:

    Neat-looking logo, but as more of a Superman fan than a Batman one, I too would like to know why he’s not there. My guess: Batman’s probably seen as “cooler”/more popular (or from DC’s standpoint, more profitable) than Superman these days, especially with the large number of DVDs, movies and cartoons Bats currently has versus Supes only having “Smallville” (and “Superman Returns” from several years ago). Then again, if they found room for *Plastic Man*…

    As for iGoogle, while I’ve been using My Yahoo since the 90s, I must admit the iGoogle comics theme looks pretty interesting… though not sure what advantages iGoogle would offer over My Yahoo…

  8. Kevin Lighton Says:

    T-Mak is correct about the reason (alt text for the image on Google makes this clear).

    The lack of Superman may just be that they couldn’t think of a way to put him into the image.

  9. Don MacPherson Says:

    I feel left out up here in Canada. My browser automatically redirects from to

  10. Big Freakin News Says:

    @Don MacPherson, click the link reading “Go to” if you automatically get redirected to

    Even so, however, I’m still not getting this nicely designed logo. Weird.

  11. Dani Atkinson Says:

    Heck with Superman, I’m just delight to see Plastic Man in there! YAY! Plastic Man!

    He is silly and makes me happy.

  12. Brian W Says:

    How about featuring Under-Dog? ~ how come the humble shoeshine boy is ALWAYS forgotten?!?!?

    the greats are always looked over… grrrr…




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