Dark Horse Publishing Archie Archives Reprint Project

Two weeks ago, I posted that IDW would be reprinting the Archie newspaper strip in archival hardcovers beginning in 2010. Today comes word that Dark Horse is also getting into the Archie reprint business, with Archie Archives giving “deluxe treatment” to “classic Archie comic books”.

Let’s hope that that also includes the Betty & Veronica comics! I’d love to see the earliest days of those characters.

The more I think about it, the more the split publishing makes sense — Dark Horse has been successful with Harvey reprints, and they know comic books, while IDW focuses on historical strips in their hardcover reprint line.

Update: Archie’s press release about the project has more details:

Each volume will be approximately 200-250 pages, feature embossed printing and a dust jacket, and carry both Archie Comics and Dark Horse names and logos. The initial plan is to release three volumes of each individual title per calendar year, with each volume retailing for $49.95. According to Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson, the series will run indefinitely.

Update: (12/5/10) Here’s the Dark Horse page about the first Archie Archives volume, and here’s where you can order it from Amazon.

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