What’s Your Favorite Sigikki Manga Series?

I’ve been pretty impressed with the online manga available at SIGIKKI.com, courtesy of Viz Signature. Now I’d like to find out what you think.

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I know I have a hard time deciding. (Heck, I can’t even decide on least favorite, between Dorohedoro and Tokyo Flow Chart.) My top four are Afterschool Charisma, Kingyo Used Books, Saturn Apartments, and Children of the Sea. I debated on whether to include that last one, since it’s got the advantage of having many more chapters available, but I went with the complete list.


  1. I had a hard time choosing as well. I was very impressed with Saturn Apartments and I’ll Give It My All… but choose Children of The Sea because there was more than just a chapter to go by. I’m very pleased with the selection at IKKI so far and looking forward to more.

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  3. I was surprised to find how much Dorohedoro sucked me in. Normally, that isn’t my genre, but one minute, I’m reading the first page, and the next minute I’m wondering why it had to end so soon. It’s a very engaging style of storytelling.

    Sadly, I was hoping to like both “Saturn Apartments” and “Kingyo Used Books”, but both felt cluttered with text and backstory with too little movement. I’m guessing they’ll pick up later, but I’ve the attention span of a fifth grader, so I’m passing.

    “Children of the Sea” is gorgeous, but I’m going to wait to read it all in print instead of online, because it seems better appreciated at the slow, stately pace of reading in bed instead of hurried in front of a screen.

    “Afterschool Charisma” has a GREAT premise, but I. just. loathed. it once I started reading. Clone Napoleon looks nothing like original teenage Napoleon!!!!!! And neither do any of the other characters, honestly. The art is very Utena reminiscent, and so is the story, but it seems almost … the characters are just over the top, playing to the common cliches of their predecessors with none of the humanity, and their flaws are facile. I’d have expected much more engaging, vibrant people who question their surroundings and destiny because of their gifts and intelligence, not the doe-eyed submissives presented in this book, no matter what their upbringing. (okay, that last bit’s a little harsh, but it’s the reaction it got out of me)

    I have yet to read the other ones, but I plan to eventually. :)

  4. Wow, I had no idea our tastes were so opposite! :) Except you’re right, Children of the Sea really is a slow build that grows on you deeply.

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  7. Well I went with House of the Five Leaves. With the brief summary on the title page, I knew the guy that hired him worked on the wrong side of the law, but this first chapter serenaded the reader into really liking this guy and BAM the full force of nastiness hits you and you still want to hang out with guy.

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