Two Great Webcomics Today: Sinfest, Comic Critics

Sinfest panel August 12

I am loving the Sinfest demonic laptop pet. I think of mine that way sometimes — more than a machine, it’s a member of the family, and yet it leads me into temptation, whether saying something inappropriate or spending too much time with it to the neglect of others.

The little guy brought it with him out of Hell, in a strip that crossed over with another of my favorite storylines in the series, the bookish nerd and the demon girl who loves him. (Why do I not know the names of any of these characters?) Here’s where he first entered Hell, for a week of strips.

Also very thought-provoking today was the latest Comic Critics! strip, in which a very sensible fan explains why he doesn’t feel the need to see Watchmen.

Comic Critics panel August 12

It’s a remarkably sensible approach, and would that more people followed it. (Then, the things that people complain about wouldn’t make money as they go to see it (or buy it to read it) just to confirm that their negative opinions were right.) And I love the pastel rainbow of books in the background.

6 Responses to “Two Great Webcomics Today: Sinfest, Comic Critics”

  1. Dwight Williams Says:

    Guy with Demon Laptop Computer – Slick.

    Bookworm – Criminy.

    Demon girl who looks at Criminy as if he were her “Little Red-Haired Girl” – Fyoosh/Fuchsia(depending on who’s talking with her).

    And no worries about remembering the names. I needed to wiki-refresh my own memory in the course of answering this.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Really, his name is Slick? No wonder I didn’t remember it. :)

  3. Dwight Williams Says:

    He certainly acts like his name from time to time, doesn’t he?

    Which is how he got into and out of Hell again this past half-month, as I recall! :-D

  4. Mark Says:

    I love “Sinfest” it’s laugh out loud funny at times. Wry and amusing observations.

  5. Wherever there’s trouble, Joy of Webcomics is there « The Webcomic Overlook Says:

    […] Worth Reading comments on two of their webcomic faves: Sinfest and Comic […]

  6. Guy Smiley Says:

    Sinfest is my favorite web comic. It’s the only daily strip, print or web-based, I follow every day.

    Got the new Dark Horse collection even though I’ve read all the strips, partly ’cause it’s nice to have the book, and partly to help a talented artist’s success.




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