Superman, Justice League Complete Series DVDs Coming in November
August 15, 2009

Warner Home Video has announced two Complete Animated Series releases for November.

On November 10, Justice League: The Complete Animated Series is available for $100 (which means you should be able to find it for under $70). The 15-disc set has 91 episodes in “special collectible packaging”. (The series was previously available as Justice League Season One and Season Two and Justice League Unlimited Season One and Season Two.) The bonus disc featurette is “Unlimited Reserve: Exploring the Depths of the DC Universe”. Is it too much to hope that that means talking about some fan-favorite superheroes that don’t always get as much press as the big names?

Justice League Complete Animated Series

Superman: The Complete Animated Series has seven discs containing 54 episodes (previously available as three separate sets) at a suggested retail price of $53.82 (which works out to about $18 a season). The “all-new bonus disc” has a new featurette, “The Despot Darkseid: A Villain Worthy of Superman”. It will be available on November 24.

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Vincent Murphy writes:  

Somewhat good news, but it looks like the JL episodes will be full-screen and not widescreen, and there’s no mention of any Blu-Ray/HD release for either. Looks like I’ll be waiting.

James Schee writes:  

Interesting. Yet since I found a discount/close out store that has the JL series discs on sale for $3 a piece. (yay Big Lots!:)) I’ll pass.

Johanna writes:  

Those DVD sets were never supposed to be there.
The discs were supposed to be destroyed, so Warner is suing for damages. (And our Big Lots didn’t have any, boo.)

Argo Plummer writes:  

Already own all these in the individual season sets, but it is still pretty cool to see them being released. Quality stuff should always get cycled back every couple of years to see who else might pick up on them.

James Schee writes:  

Weird! I knew it sounded a bit too good to be true, but glad I was able to take advantage of the situation. As often as I’ve felt something with overpriced, it was nice to get a great deal for once. (sorry yours didn’t have any)

I got such great stuff too! Fleischer’s Popeye, JL sets, Scooby Doo and Dino Mutt, Flintstones season 2 & 3, Smallville season 6 on Blue Ray(for $6!), Pinky & The Brain, Wonder Woman seasons, and more. All for what I would have bought one of many of these at other stores.

Jeremy writes:  

If you look on amazon there is an image of the back of the back of the box the says all episodes will be in their original formats. No cropping!

jidan writes:  

Justice leauge is a very hit animated series. I like this more than the transformers,ben 10 and much more.


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