Vertigo Comic Midnight, Mass. Coming to TV
August 17, 2009

Midnight, Mass., a Vertigo miniseries from 2002, is going to be a live-action TV show on NBC. The comic, about a couple that investigated supernatural mysteries, ran 8 issues, followed by the 6-issue “Here There Be Monsters” in 2004. I remember the comic getting a second chance due to rumors of media interest back then, and the article confirms that:

“Midnight” has been among the most heavily pursued of DC Comics’ properties for a TV series adaptation by WBTV. Over the years, almost a dozen producers at the studio had taken a stab at the comic, but this is the first time such a project has been set up at a network.

The comic was written by John Rozum with art by Jesus Saiz and Jimmy Palmiotti. I enjoyed it — it had the flavor of The Thin Man with a lot more monsters, plus a sense of humor. TV show writers will be Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts, previously of Pushing Daisies, so I hope they’ll be able to capture the flavor accurately.

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James Schee writes:  

Awesome! I never read the second mini, just honestly never saw the book. Yet the first one was incredibly entertaining.

May it be a huge success, and then who knows maybe other networks come to comics looking for quirky couple adventurers. (Ralph and Sue?)

draco writes:  

It seems that DC’s marketing has improved as more of their works are getting attention. It’s nice to know that everything is not about Batman and Superman for them. If DC continues to improve as indicated, I wonder how threatened Marvel is going to be.

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