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Since I accidentally ended up with an extra copy of X-Men: Misfits, the shojo manga re-envisioning of the Marvel superhero team, I figured it was time for a contest!

If you would like to be entered into a random drawing to win this copy, please leave a comment telling me your favorite manga twist on an X-Men character. It can be one from the book — mine is the Totoro-looking Beast — or one you’ve made up yourself.

Preview pages are posted at Newsarama if you want some ideas.

Rules: US and Canada only, due to postage costs. Please be sure that the email address attached to your comment is valid, since that is how I will contact you if you win (and that’s the only purpose I’ll use it for). Contest ends at midnight Eastern time Sunday, September 6. Spread the word!


  1. I could wreak SUCH havoc with the notion that, every time Wolverine unsheathes his claws, he also turns into a pretty girl.

  2. I’d like to see Colossus turn into a Chibi version of himself when he uses his powers. The idea of a tiny metal boy going after the Sentinals amuses me. (I think I’ve been watching too many Atom Ant episodes. ;) )

  3. Gosh I’ve been looking for this book for a while too. For some reason I’d get a kick out of seeing Kitty (maybe as a cat girl?) and her pet dragon as being Pokemon characters.:)

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  5. Well with Wolverine trying to be the best at what he does; he would make a perfect shonen jump character. He could enter into a tourament and fight manga versions of all the various characters he has fought over the years.

  6. I have to admit that just seeing the X-Men characters as chibi-sized (like Aurora Munroe, aka Storm) is enough for me!

  7. I’d love to see a Manga Nightcrawler, especially if he could be conveyed as speaking Japanese with a German accent! :)

  8. Wow X-men in managa form? This looks like it could be an interesting read!

  9. I’m all about prettiness, so I want to see the bishonen versions of all the X-guys- I’m really looking forward to Dave and Raina’s versions of Longshot and Nightcrawler, since they’re my favorite X-guys.

    As for a manga trope I’d love to see in the X-universe…I wanna see Ilyanna as a magical girl, complete with cute outfit. Since she’s already a powerful sorceresss, it could be all about Ilyanna finding her destiny as queen of Limbo after accidentally being spirited away to a magical land (like in Escaflowne or Magic Knight RayeEarth or Kyo Mara Maou or 12 Kingdoms…)

  10. ..Dave, Raina and Anzu’s version of Longshot and Nightcralwer and the x-people that is.

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  12. Am I the only one who sees the possibility for Brood-related hentai? Get some! ;)

    Sarcasm aside, some sort of Forge-related GitS scenario could be a lot of fun!

  13. I like the character with the cat ears. I think it’s supposed to be Kitty Pryde, or Shadowcat?

  14. Wouldn’t it be fun if Kitty turned into a cat every time she hugged a boy? ;)

    Thanks for the contest, Johanna! I love your reviews!

  15. I think I would like to see one of those dramatic manga poses where the girl stares soulfully off into the distance, with a wind billowing around her. In my version, it’s Storm, and she’s providing her own personal dramatic wind.

  16. Ironically, Jubilee’s power doesn’t have to be re-imagined for shoujo manga. She’ll just be forced to follow the bishounen around all day as a sparkle-factory. A deadly sparkle factor.

  17. I would like to see wolverine turn chibi. That would be so cute!

  18. Scott Burger


  19. I’d love to see the original five X-Men cast as a sentai group, ala Power Rangers, mostly because I want the behind the scenes antics of Scott making then constantly practice their group poses.

  20. Which would bring the Power Rangers full circle, as the early Sentai “Battle Fever J” was based (loosely, and changing a lot before coming to air) on the Avengers: Captain Japan = Captain America, Captain Kenya = Black Panther.

  21. I’ve drawn a chibi version of Apocalypse. It’s oddly adorable.

  22. Easy — Rogue dresses as a boy because she doesn’t care about her looks, but a group of boys, including Gambit and Wolverine, and find out and include her in their exclusive club, and they all fall in love with her, a la Host Club. :)

  23. I loved/hated Magneto turning out to be a newhalf, and that’s why he and Charles are at odds, not some silly mutant ideology

  24. If the Beast is Totoro, I would want to see the other little Totoro’s with him… the little gray one and the white one.

  25. Rogue. I can relate to her the most, and Kitty needs some competition for all those boys.

  26. Thanks very much to everyone who entered! A winner has been randomly selected and emailed.

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