Archie on Health Care

Archie Pals n Gals Double Digest #13

In case you can’t read that caption, Reggie is saying “Why do you want to know my opinion on national health care?” as Moose steams up behind him.

Very timely, hunh? In this case, it’s downright precognitive, since this issue, Archie’s Pals’n’Gals Double Digest #13, has a cover date of August 1995. Note the price, $2.75, less than a standard 32-page comic these days for about six times the pages.

6 Responses to “Archie on Health Care”

  1. Tommy Raiko Says:

    “Very timely, hunh? In this case, it’s downright precognitive…”

    Or it’s a squarely after-the-fact reference to the Clinton-era health care initiatives that were such a big part of Clinton’s domestic agenda during his first days in office, but by 1994 were generally considered to be a complete non-starter.

  2. RAB Says:

    And indeed, as Rachel Maddow discussed this very evening, Harry Truman pushed for a national health care plan back in 1945. So the idea was already fifty years old before this comic appeared.

    However, they may have been slightly prescient in depicting physical violence taking place after a mention of health care reform…

  3. Mike Chary Says:

    I remember that Bill tried to put Hilary in charge of it and Rush Limbaugh practically had a stroke.

  4. Tommy Raiko Says:

    “I remember that Bill tried to put Hilary in charge of it and Rush Limbaugh practically had a stroke.”

    Just to nitpick…Bill Clinton did more than *try* to put Hillary in charge of things. He did it. Hillary Clinton did indeed head up the Task Force on National Health Care Reform.

    And while Rush Limbaugh certainly opposed “HillaryCare,” my recollection of the time was that there were certainly other folks on the right opposing the plan, many of whom were more vocal and more influential than Limbaugh was at the time.

  5. Adam Says:

    Random factoid:
    The 1995 movie The Net (which has aged very well, actually) has a scene where there’s a Health Care march in it.

  6. Johanna Says:

    Ah, the Net. I like that movie. I really need to get a copy of it on something other than laserdisc — it’s aged well, but that format hasn’t.




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