Josie Art

Our dear friend Amy Carani did a special painting for KC, and I wanted to show it off.

Josie by Amy

That image doesn’t do it justice, though. It’s a foot square, done in acrylics that make it resemble ceramic tile and give it a shiny gloss that evokes the commercial origins of the character, while the colors and background put the property in a new context.

Josie is one of KC’s favorite characters, especially this Dan DeCarlo-inspired version. He was so pleased with this that he immediately asked if it were possible for Amy to do Melody and Valerie to form a triptych. Last time we visited, we were lucky to see another series she’d done of smaller, 3″x3″ abstracts using a similar process.

When I prepared to post this, I asked Amy to share a little of her background:

Amy Carani is a Madison, Wisconsin-based graphic design artist/painter with a love of pop culture. She is married to long-time Legionnaires comic artist and Raven Software/Activison videogame artist W.C. “Cory” Carani and proud mother of one Giada Olivia, aka “G.O.”

Amy has been developing her color field/grid/pop culture paintings in the past five years. The painting ideas start as a small pencil thumbnail sketch. From there, a grid and color study is worked out on the computer. Amy then transfers the grid study onto a 6″x6″ canvas and fills in color with acrylic paint. Once she is happy with the multiple color and grid studies, the painting then gets enlarged and finalized on 12″x12″ or 24″x24″ canvas masonite boards. The purpose of these paintings are to make people really look at them and smile.

Amy is available for commission inquiries for her gallery-style work through email or via Facebook. She also has samples available at the latter site.

3 Responses to “Josie Art”

  1. Ari Block Says:

    Vert cool :-)

  2. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Amazing and gorgeous, I’m very jealous.

  3. Bill D. Says:

    Wow, that’s fantastic!




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