Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Clip
September 12, 2009

Here’s a two-minute fight scene clip from Superman/Batman: Public Enemies in which Superman faces off with President Lex Luthor.

I like the revised look of the characters, reportedly based on Ed McGuinness’ art — there seems to be more feeling in the faces, and it’s nice to see them getting away from the ridiculously flat square jaws of the Bruce Timm-inspired designs — but the shoebox-flavored straight-line cars are a bit amateurish.

The DVD will be released September 29 as a single disc, two-disc special edition, or Blu-ray.

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Thad writes:  

Going to have to disagree on the character designs. I really don’t like McGuinness’s over-muscled style (though there’s something neat about Superman’s slightly-off-center spit curl) and vastly prefer Timm’s square-jaw look.

That said, it looks decent enough and I’m looking forward to it. Can’t go wrong with the Conroy/Daly/Brown cast. (I’m similarly looking forward to grabbing a copy of Arkham Asylum — once I’m satisfied the DRM is only a disc check or something equally benign — which also has a Batman: TAS pedigree but character designs I don’t care for at all.)

Fortress Guy writes:  

While not 100% original, it did not need to be. It was well made and a lot of fun. It had to be the biggest single collection of DC comics heroes and villains since Crisis on Infinite Earths!

Here is my take on it with a little humor and LOTS o’ pics of you are interested.



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