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September 16, 2009

My favorite part of this movie (which I reviewed in more depth when it was in theaters) is the credit sequence, with the brothers fighting their way through every major war, not only because of the rapid storytelling, but because of the effects, the image dissolves across time and the freeze-frames. It’s a shame nothing else in the movie moves this rapidly or is so powerful.

KC hadn’t seen the movie before, so I was curious about his reaction. He also hasn’t read Origin, so he when asked me whether the beginning came from the comic. I said yes, in general, but I didn’t remember the details.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine
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It was fun watching with KC, because while I didn’t know the characters that were part of Stryker’s special ops group before I saw the movie, he’d read the stories before. He pointed out something that I didn’t notice the first time through — since I was watching to see how often and in what context Hugh Jackman got naked — that several of the supporting characters are more interesting than the title one. A half-hour into the movie, the others are the ones that do things (except for in the title sequence), not Wolverine.

We both think the character works best in conjunction and contrast with the X-Men team, which is why the early stuff with the group works best. As a character on his own, it’s tough to figure out what to do with Wolverine (Patch? in a white dinner jacket? Really?). KC didn’t read much of his solo series (back in the day, not the current stuff) for just that reason. We also amused ourselves pointing out Claremont-isms in the movie dialogue and trying to figure out which comic characters inspired the many minor mutants at the end.

I spaced out quite a bit, because I just wasn’t that interested in the action sequences the second time through, and this movie has a LOT of them. The first time, they’re interesting, because you don’t know what’s coming next, but I found myself noticing some of the places where the effects were obviously computer or didn’t quite match. It was nice hearing KC laugh, though, even if it was at how over-the-top some of the events are.

His final reaction: “Well, it wasn’t the worst superhero movie I’ve seen. I’m glad I saw it, but like the other X-Men movies, I think only bits and pieces are going to stay with me.”

I still hope for more Ryan Reynolds in a Deadpool followup. I’d like that to be an Origins, too, covering his life before, not what Stryker turned him into.

I was sent the single-disc edition, which only includes “Wolverine Unleashed: The Complete Origins”; trailers for Dollhouse and I Love You, Beth Cooper; and an anti-smoking PSA. (The trailers don’t include the mandatory four that ran at the beginning of the disc and couldn’t be fast-forwarded; those were more in keeping with the action approach of the movie.) The 12-minute Origins featurette has the producer, director, Hugh Jackman, and other actors talking about what they wanted to do with the movie. There’s also some discussion of the claws and other effects (like the adamantium tank), how they were designed and such. It’s a typical making-of marketing piece, but it’s fun to see the alternate views of the sets and rehearsals. The special editions have commentaries and a comparison to the comics.

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Jer writes:  

One thing I noticed when I finally watched this movie (last week on a transcontinental flight, actually) is that there are way too many points where it’s clear that they filmed an action sequence and then the script got another re-write that made the action sequence nonsensical, but since they had already filmed it they had to work it in anyway. The Gambit/Wolverine/Sabretooth fight is the most glaringly obvious of these patches, but there are a few others.

In my opinion, it’s one of those movies that is actually so terrible it loops back around and becomes fun to watch. And you’re right – some of the characters on Stryker’s team are far more interesting than either of the main characters. I think will.i.am’s John Wraith was my favorite character in the movie, and I’d be willing to spend some money to see Ryan Reynolds take another stab at Deadpool (hopefully one that mostly ignores the ending of this movie – yeesh). I’ll eventually pick up a used copy at half-price books or wait for it to hit the $10 rack at Target and snag a copy, I think.

Anderson writes:  

I agree with “Jer” but i actually liked every thing in the movie..i enjoyed the flash back and the acting but the lake of good special effects is what bothered me..not to much..but it did,I mean we are suppose to be walking forward and this isn’t any movie it’s the X-men so give it more work.

At the plot it’s quite good but as “jer” said..it’s a failed sequence project cuz there was too many points that ended up so fast without focusing on any.

Any way it’s worth watching.

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