Android Market Adds Comic Category

Google is gearing up to release version 1.6 (Donut) of their Android mobile phone operating system soon, and one of the improvements will be to the Android Market application store.

As part of this change, developers will be able to provide screenshots, promotional icons and descriptions that will better show off applications and games. We have also added four new sub-categories for applications: sports, health, themes, and comics. Developers can now choose these sub-categories for both new and existing applications via the publisher website.

I have no idea why those were selected as specific categories, but I look forward to browsing the area after 1.6 is available.

3 Responses to “Android Market Adds Comic Category”

  1. Kelson Says:

    The new categories are up already, though Comics just has a mix of newspaper strips (many of which look like they’re just wrappers around the web versions) and, for some reason, novelty apps.

    No sign of, for instance, any of the iVerse comics being re-categorized so far.

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