Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut Due November 3
September 24, 2009
Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut cover
Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut
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As originally discussed in May 2008, Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut will be arriving on DVD on November 3.

The film will combine the Tales of the Black Freighter animated mini-feature with the expanded movie Watchmen: Director’s Cut, released on DVD two months ago. New to this package is a commentary track with Zack Snyder and Dave Gibbons.

The Special Features from the previous two releases (“Under the Hood”, “Story Within a Story: The Books of Watchmen”, “The Phenomenon: The Comic That Changed Comics”, the video journals, the My Chemical Romance music video) are joined by “Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes”, which is about a half-hour that “explores the fascination and psychology behind real-world vigilantes and where that behavior crosses over into actually donning the hood and behaving as superheroes.” There’s also a digital copy of the theatrical release version and all 12 issues of the motion comics. (Bravo to Warner for copying all the features from the previous discs, so you don’t need to keep them if you decide to upgrade to this package.)

Strangely, while the Ultimate Cut Blu-ray edition (4 discs, list price $60, but currently discounted by 30%) is now available for preorder at Amazon.com, as shown here, I can’t find the standard DVD edition (5 discs, $44) anywhere on their site. Maybe they figure the fans only want the high-def version.

One Response  
Thom writes:  

A nice thing with the directors cut is that it included a coupon to get $10 off when you buy the ultimate cut.

(this is actually becoming common it seems for older movies hitting Blu-Ray…the best being the first two seasons of Lost where each set gives you coupon to get $20 back if you own the either set)

It’s nice that they are pretty much including everything previously released seperately.


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