Domo Cute But Dumb

Domo Slurpee cups

I thought the Domo manga was horrible — repetitive, unfunny, and pointless. But he makes for a very cute image, which is probably why he started as an ad mascot and has been most successful as various products.

Like now, for example, in 7-Eleven stores. They’ve got a special Slurpee flavor (apple, called Fuji Frost), various food packages, and even little straw attachments featuring the character.

My favorite Domo spin-off, though, is the unofficial Domo-burger — he looks yummy!


  1. Yeah, but there have to be cuter mascots than this one! Why do people like this thing? Advertisers must know better than us, I guess!

  2. I dunno. He’s simple, which is appealing, and yet he kind of looks like poop.

  3. […] are 15 spreads, each containing a photograph of a Domo doll and a matching haiku. You can read a substantial sample online, including my favorite, where […]

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