Captain Lights’ Audio Quest: The Return of Dazzler?

To promote the release of the new album The Listening by the Canadian “keytar-wielding synth-pop sensation Lights“, their marketing group has created the 10-part Audio Quest: A Captain Lights Adventure.

Audio Quest

It’s a motion comic illustrated by Tomm Coker (Daredevil Noir) in which sound powers the Captain’s starship and weapons. Yes, she’s a heroine who fights evil with music, just like Dazzler.

Captain Lights

Each “issue” is 2-3 minutes long, and there are four available so far. Captain Lights wants to “harvest the sounds of the universe” while avenging the destruction of her planet by the evil sound-stealing Lotar when she crash-lands on a planet with no music. Oh no! How will she recharge her spaceship? Given the title, the synthesizers, and the premise (shades of Back to the Future!), I’m having 80s flashbacks. But episode four is still kind of inspiring in its message.

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