One Con Glory

Sarah Kuhn has written a short novel featuring characters and settings of interest to many readers here.

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One Con Glory
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One Con Glory is the story of Julie, a geek journalist covering a huge comic/sci-fi convention. She’s bitter and jaded, with few friends, and those she hangs out with are likewise media types, nerdy enough to fit in but feeling set apart by their glimpse behind the curtain. The title comes from Julie’s love of Glory Gilmore, a lesser-known superhero team member and inspiration for a rare action figure being auctioned off at the show.

The story is realistic (in terms of characterization, anyway — the plot’s got more than a little wish fulfillment in it, which is what makes it fun) and the cast will be recognizable to anyone who’s attended a few large cons. I enjoyed the story of Julie’s coming-of-age/acceptance of herself through a convention romance with a TV star. I did have a few quibbles — the level of profanity surprised me, now that I’m becoming more prudish in my old age, for example. More significantly, I regretted not seeing more of Julie and her love interest, just the two of them. Most of their interactions described in the book are either in public or consist of sparring with each other. I wanted to see the two accept their romance together in private. A little more sweetness together, a little less hostility.

That’s just me wanting to put focus on something different from the author’s choice, though. The book is still worth reading and thinking about. You can buy it from Alert Nerd Press or read an online excerpt.

One Response to “One Con Glory”

  1. Glory Gilmore Says:

    Wow, how ironic! My friends and I came up with a Justice League of friends. “dorky as it may sound, its fun”. I had been wonder woman until I came upon this! MY name is Actually “Glory Gilmore”. I’m very interested in studying this character now!
    — Never thought I’d share a name with anyone else. Cool.




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