The Defenders Appear on Marvel’s Super Hero Squad Show
November 20, 2009

Super Hero Squad Defenders

Tomorrow at 7:30 PM Eastern, the Defenders guest-star on The Super Hero Squad Show. This reworking of Marvel superhero characters for kids airs on the Cartoon Network. Here’s the plot description:

Baron Mordo transforms Iron Man into the evil “Iron Menace”, a deadly threat who overcomes both the Lethal Legion and the Squad! But when Silver Surfer and Hulk team with Dr. Strange and Valkyrie to form “The Defenders,” the forces of good will “Hero Up!” like never before! Gossip Girl alumni Michelle Trachtenberg reprises her role as Valkyrie in this exciting new episode of the most action-packed, family friendly series in the universe!

I haven’t seen any of this animated series, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the misfits that made up the Defenders. It’s the only long-running Marvel series I’ve read every single issue of. (I know, it was a wacky choice, but it worked for me.) The Super Hero Squad seems like it would be fun, only they don’t seem to have any female team members. Bummer.

Do any readers watch it? What’s it like?

4 Responses  
Robert Wood writes:  

It’s been pretty cheesy so far from what I’ve watched. Still, it may be worth watching just for the sake of seeing the Defenders on screen in some form.

Simon Jones writes:  

I know they were trying to appeal to kids with the character designs. But they don’t come across as kids… more like, umm, “little people.” It’s just weird.

Now, had they gotten someone like James Kochalka to do the designs…

Bill D. writes:  

I wanted to like Super Hero Squad a lot more than I did. Some of the bits made me laugh – and I enjoy the running gag in the credits where the Infinity shard or whatever that Hulk picks up near the end turns him into a different version of himself every week – but mostly it was just too heavy on the fart jokes, and the stuff that wasn’t related to bodily noises/smells just tried too hard.

The thing that was really telling, though, was that my 4 year old lost interest after just two episodes, but he looks forward to Batman: Brave and the Bold just about every week.

Johanna writes:  

Ah. Sounds as those it’s one of those well-meaning projects where the creators wind up talking down to the target audience instead of entertaining them.


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