Live Chat Tomorrow With Nina Matsumoto, Yokaiden Author

Tomorrow, November 24, at 3 PM Eastern, Nina Matsumoto will be the guest at a live chat hosted by, Random House’s sci-fi/manga blog. Nina is the author of Yokaiden, an Original English Language manga. The second volume of the series is due out tomorrow.

Yokaiden Book 1 coverYokaiden Book 2 cover

Nina first became famous online for her manga-styled drawing of the Simpsons cast, in case you’re wondering why the name looks familiar, and that led to her working on the official Simpsons comic, where she shared an Eisner Award (with writer Ian Boothby and inker Andrew Pepoy) for Best Short Story for “Murder He Wrote” in The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Terror #14. The story was inspired by Death Note.

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