Archie Makes Digital Subscription Into Suitable Gift

Archie Gift Banner

Archie Comics has made a subscription to its online comic site into something that works as a gift by attaching a physical object, a Christmas card. (Link/offer no longer available.)

For $49.95, the user gets a year’s access to the site, plus, if the order is placed before December 10, they can have a printed card sent to any destination in the US. Alternately, it’s available as a printable eCard with a personalized message and subscription information.

I have a couple of suggestions that I think could make this offer even better:

  • A discount deal. The $50 price is the same as that offered at other times of years. Near the holidays, customers are bargain shopping. Offer an extra month free or an extra 10% off the price if bought in the month before the holiday.
  • Commissions. Set up a way that retailers or websites can push this offer to their customers and get a percentage kickback.
  • Alternate graphics choices. Maybe something winter-y as well as decorating the Christmas tree, or for alternate holidays.

But even the way it is, it’s a clever way to turn something intangible into an object that qualifies as a gift.

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