New Up Cartoon
November 27, 2009

To promote the recent DVD release of Up, Pixar has posted this related cartoon to YouTube. It follows George and AJ, the two Shady Oaks Retirement Village workers who come to pick up Carl, and how they react to seeing his house lift off in front of them. It’s slight, in terms of content, and the animation style is very different, more reminiscent of South Park than Pixar’s 3-D renderings, but it’s got a good sense of humor, especially in showing those inspired by Carl’s “escape”.

2 Responses  
Ben writes:  

With Sam & Max writer/artist Steve Purcell filling in for the voice of Ed Asner!

Prankster writes:  

That was nifty! Quite a bit better than the “Dug’s Special mission” short that’s on the DVD. The fact that it’s an animatic seems to suggest that it’s built out of rejected ideas that were cut from the movie. At any rate, am I the only one who thinks there’s material there for a sequel?


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