Naoki Urasawa’s Monster DVD Set Out December 8

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Naoki Urasawa’s Monster
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The first box set of the anime version of Naoki Urasawa’s Monster will be released on Tuesday, December 8.

It’s the story of a world-famous neurosurgeon who saves the life of a little boy who turns out to be a conscienceless murderer, the monster of the title. The doctor gives up his career and life to pursue the boy, now grown to an adult, in an attempt to stop him from committing more killings.

Right now, it’s 45% off of the list price of $60 at, making it $33, so you may want to preorder. The set contains 15 episodes on three DVDs. The box set also includes a digitized version of the original Japanese booklet from the set.

The series ran 74 episodes, so if the sets stay this size, this should be the first of five. It’s a shame that the collections aren’t a little bigger, for that price, but I’m not that familiar with standard anime pricing.

You can also watch Naoki Urasawa’s Monster on the Ani-Monday block on Syfy.


  1. Four dollars an episode at the full price isn’t bad for anime DVD prices, generally a single DVD will have 4-5 episodes and run 15-20 dollars. With the pre-order price it’s a very good deal as things go.

    Older or shorter series combined into single collections, especially the thinpacks, can be cheaper though. All-in-all it’s in the ‘bargain’ range with the pre-order price. Plus, it’s Monster!

    Just a warning: in the dub airing on Syfy, the soundtrack has been messed with a lot, switching tracks around and the like (frankly, for the worse). I have no idea why, and I don’t know if the Japanese track in the localization will have the original soundtrack or the modified version.

  2. Thanks for the education! I’ve just gotten spoiled with US TV packs, I guess.

  3. I am waiting for my box set right now. The pre-order price is really a good deal (I’ve never thought that I could get my hand on 15 eps of Monster with just $33)

    So the soundtrack has been messed up and “a lot”? Nooooo! (I had watch the fansub long long time ago, and I like the soundtrack there, I don’t want the changing)

    Thank for the info Krill.

  4. im hooked. when r the rest of the dvds coming out? i watched the 1st 15 episodes thru netflix & im dvdring the new episodes but i wana watch in order!

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