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Captain Action Enterprises and iPhone comic provider Panelfly have teamed up to bring you a free download of Lady Action Special #1.

Lady Action Panelfly promotion

Until December 22, you can download the complete issue as a PDF for free, instead of buying it at the $4 cover price. On December 23, the issue goes on sale, and the online copy will then cost you a dollar.

They’re billing it as a “done-in-one adventure”, but the book does end with “to be continued” and directs you to Captain Action Special #1, due out in March, for more. Even starring a woman, it’s typical boys’ adventure. The artist, newcomer Jake Minor, needs to figure out how gravity, anatomy, and women’s clothing all work. With a live model posing as Lady Action on their site (where are the live Captain Action photos?) and the boobalicious art, it’s pretty clear their audience is the traditional male superhero comic reader.

In the press release, Moonstone publisher Joe Gentile is quoted as saying, “We wanted retailers to be able to preview this comic. It’s a no-risk way for comic shop owners to see if it’s right for their clientele. And we think they’ll really like this one.” They might, if they weren’t more concerned that their customers no longer need to buy it from them, since it’s being given away. The PDF also contains a short excerpt from Captain Action: The Original Super-Hero Action Figure by Michael Eury about the Super Queens, the line of comic heroine dolls considered a companion product to the Captain Action figures.

8 Responses to “Read Lady Action for Free Online”

  1. Geoff J Says:

    well that’s three minutes of my reading life I anit getting back. A really poor comic IMHO.

  2. David Oakes Says:

    Super Queens?

    Lady Action?

    I am going to love to see what Google Ads picks out to go with this one…

  3. Al Hartman Says:

    Good issue for new fans of Lady Action.

    Her depiction is excellent, she is not drawn like a Playboy bunnie so the focus is on the story and not her endowments. Though, it’s obvious that she’s a lady who can dress up well.

    I found the story a little predictable, but SO much has been done in television, movies and comics that it’s very, very hard to write a story that doesn’t have familiar elements.

    It would have been easy just to make her a female Captain Action and have her fight the same villain in the same way. As a super-spy, she is her own character who shares the hat and chest logo.

    In future stories, I’d like to see her become a mistress of disguise without the dermaplas introduced in the CA series. It would be cool to have a whole story in which we didn’t know who she was until the very last panel.

    I hope people will buy the print comic as well as download the free digital edition as the print comic actually comes out cheaper than printing it yourself on your color printer.

  4. Jim Alexander Says:

    A fun little romp. Thanks for the opportunity to preview this online.

    I love Moonstone’s ‘Original Captain Action’ stories BEST (the recent ACTION BOY back-up was TOP-NOTCH!), but tales like this are always a pleasant little diversion.

    And speaking of the original Captain Action, I see at the end of the LADY ACTION download that there’s an upcoming variant cover featuring Dan Spiegle. Nice! Spiegle’s always been one of my favorites. Now, THAT’S worth the price of admission, alone!

  5. Ed Catto Says:

    Thanks for blogging about our promotional offer. One minor correction – our 3 page article spotlighting the SuperQueens toy line from the 60’s is all-new material, not an excerpt from the Captain Action Coffee Table book. It’s a cool little primer that Michael Eury did special for this comic, and includes some photos of collectible packaging, rare items (the Sears Batgirl Gift set) and photos of Niki Ruben, or wonderful Lady Action model.

    Thanks for the plug, and I hope your readers enjoy the free “Sneak-A-Peak” promotion.

    We’ve been getting some good feedback really appreciate everyone who’s giving this a try. Many thanks!


  6. Johanna Says:

    Ed, if that article is all-new, you might want to adjust the text, which says at the end “Material in this text feature is excerpted, with edits, from the book Caption Action”. That kind of contradicts you.

    I’m glad readers are enjoying it. I had no idea prior to this that Lady Action existed, let alone that she had fans.

  7. Svet returns to her roots; Lady Action online | Paperless Comics Says:

    […] by the iPhone comics site Panelfly, it’s not an iPhone comic. Johanna Draper Carlson has links and commentary at Comics Worth […]

  8. lmr Says:

    The model is Niki Rubin, who is also an actor and martial artist and yoga instructor. It’s great that there is a new female action hero — need to create Lady Action future stories that will also interest female readers! BTW, Niki (aka Niki Notarile) acted as another tough chicky — Catwoman — in the Blinky Productions’ Catwoman fan films.




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