Win a Signed Batman Hoodie

Marc Ecko, clothing designer, is running a holiday giveaway featuring various fan-oriented prizes. There’s one readers here might be particularly interested in: a Batman giveaway featuring a hoodie signed by artist Kelley Jones.


That prize package also includes two statues, two action figures, and a batarang prop replica. Additional collectible giveaways include Star Wars, Halo, Friday the 13th, and Playboy merchandise. (So, not a women’s clothing line, then.)

3 Responses to “Win a Signed Batman Hoodie”

  1. Alan Coil Says:

    That prize is to be given away on an announced day. Interested people will have to check the site each day or sign up for an email alert.

  2. thekamisama Says:

    That has to be one of the strangest ways to hold a contest I have ever seen. They don’t even tell you which contests have already been done so far.

  3. thekamisama Says:

    okay now I feel stupid cause it was the KISS one yesterday… They are just randomly picked off the list.




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