Gossip Girl Manga Preview

MTV has a five-page preview of the Gossip Girl manga from Yen Press.


It didn’t give me the guilty thrill of watching the series, though. First, the narration is wrong. Instead of from a sardonic observer, the never-identified website owner, who both obsesses over and despises the people she covers, the voice here is Blair’s. Who is drawn more like a bikini model than the fashion follower and trend setter she is.

I thought the other characters were generic — most everyone has the same face — which made it difficult for me to know who was who. And Chuck was just totally wrong. He reminded me more of a blend of Fred (from Scooby-Doo) and Alexander Cabot (from Josie and the Pussycats) than the slimy-yet-fascinating guy who doesn’t get enough screen time. But then, that’s the problem any adaptation faces, not having the actual actors to inhabit what may be underwritten personalities and make them unique. Maybe in collected form, with lots more pages, the series will hit the mark for me more closely.


  1. Johanna,

    The art reminded of some of the fashion magazine art I’ve seen. It’s very plastic and lifeless. The idea seems to be portraying these flawless, glamorous people. However, they are so concerned with the get the physical look perfect robs the character of any vitality.

  2. Certainly, the look is very important — but that leads to the question of fashion, and whether they’re going to pay enough attention to capturing those looks accurately. I got the sense from that short excerpt that the clothes weren’t going to be shown with that level of detail.

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  4. What I REALLY wish for this series is to have a very capable mangaka who can really take this series and run with it. The art is very superficial, but that may even be a good thing, if the direction was towards a downright blood-sucking satire instead of… that in the preview. Maybe with some humanity – but not too much – thrown in at unexpected places, but still so superficial it makes me squirm while being an enjoyable guilty pleasure. I think that was what the original writer of GG was going for, except with her lackluster writing and plot it didn’t work. I was hoping to see a little more of that here… *sigh*

  5. dragonxkeeper

    As big a fan of all things anime and manga I am, I have to say I’m not impressed. The artwork is……for lack of better words I hate it. Compared to all the other manga/manhwa featured in yen+, it makes that look like crap. I see what the author was trying to do, but I think they should’ve kept GG as the narrator.
    And just to point out, that’s not manga. Manga reads from right to left. Since it’s reading left to right and the author’s name, it’s manhwa (korean comics).

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  7. helix4luver

    I love anime, manga, manhwa and Gossip Girl. I was not really a big fan of the books, but I watch the show every now and then. I don’t feel like the art decribes the characters.To me, that Serena cover looks like those Korean flash doll I dress up. If the manhwa was all color, I would despize it more. But I will still read it just to see how it is. I just wish that it would be drawn more in a style similar to how the characters were described to be.

  8. I read it it didn’t come off as Blair reading it since Gossip Girl says “Oh my it seems like B’s delusion is getting worse”, the words in the white boxes are Blair’s while the words in the black boxes are Gossip Girl. Were you paying attention at all? Most of the comments here seem to be comparing the manga characters to the tv show characters. I dislike the book but the characters in the manga are more correct to the book series. Serena is actually insanely pretty in the manga while in the show she is very average looking with a huge chest. And Dan is a chain smoker in the manga like he was in the books which they left out of the show to protray him as some “good guy” which he really isn’t. The art clearly isn’t great but you can tell the difference between the characters. It isn’t as good as the TV show but it is better than the books while staying true to them, at least when reading the manga the characters have voices unique to their personalities instead of in Cecily Von Zeigesar’s book series where the all talk exactly the same way.

  9. I thought it was Barbie. They should have used Peach-Pit or Yu Aida to adapt this.

  10. K so that little preview they show up above does no justice to the rest of the manga book. I personally hate the colored pictures, but the other art was actually pretty good (I’ve definately seen worse!). I really enjoyed the first book because it has some twists in it that the show doesn’t. If it was a complete copy to the tv series, would it REALLY be that interesting? So people who were put off by the preview, u should really try the rest of the first book! It was quite good ;)

  11. That preview is misleading. The artwork is typical of a manhwa [long limbs, mostly facial close ups and heavenly hair] just to correct some people that this artist is Korean. Koreans love GG. GG in the manhwa is an omnipresent being and technology is widely used, since some of you can’t/haven’t read the entire thing. Blair as a bikini model? It’s lingerie, BTW. The characters in the manhwa took TV show and books together. Serena is insanely beautiful when the artist needs her to be and ditzy, Dan is judgemental yet a jealous, frugal horn dog, Blair is the bulimic bitch while Chuck does show early signs of care towards Blair. Sorry to break it to some of you about this book rather than reviewing PREVIEWS, you should read the entire volume. :D

  12. The preview I read wasnt that good, but I took the time and went to bookstore and started reading it. It is not that bad. Actually it is pretty entertaining. Have you read the manhwa/manga at all? I read thats why I can tell you that the one who tells the story is gossip girl herself, not Blair. Judging a book by its preview gives not always good results. The preview for this manhwa/manga wasnt good selected. I dont who selected that scene, but he or she selected an entirely useless scene , which doesnt leave any impression. Dont judge it if you really havent read the entire book,but only a preview. Talk again if you have read it .

  13. It wouldnt have been better, if peach-pit had started doing this series. @Mora The characters would have looked like little children. Dont I think havent read any series by peach-pit. I agree with TenYen,Emmy and Kyo.

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