Batman and Sons

How had I not heard of Batman and Sons before? It’s a webcomic that postulates Batman as Dad, and the three Robins — Dick, Jason, and Tim — as his kids. Plus, Terry (from Batman Beyond) is the masked baby.


The domestic humor results from assuming that Batman, as a spoiled playboy, can’t do anything well BUT be a superhero. For everything else, it’s up to Alfred.

Batman and Sons

The latest post also has DC-inspired holiday art. This one’s my favorite:


3 Responses to “Batman and Sons”

  1. Arsnof Says:

    I used to read these way back when but had recently forgot the specific name it went under and, thus, had lost it entirely. Thank you for finding it for me!

  2. Johanna Says:

    Glad I could help!

  3. Sallyp Says:

    Black Cat’s stuff is amazing AND hilarious.




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