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By: James Edward Mon, 01 Feb 2010 00:13:30 +0000 When Archie Comics published it’s Best of the Decades series, Volume one, the very first Archie story featured a black man (train porter?) with over exagerated black features (Big lips, etc.)
Another Archie “best of the 70’s” volume could include all the Chuck Clayton/ Coach Clayton stories that preached racial harmony.

It’s 2010. When will there be a gay character at riverdale high?

While the “Archie gets Married” stories have been hugely successful, sadly, Archie comics neglects the real world of diversity we all live in today.
It took 30 years for blacks to be portrayed positively in Riverdale. Will it take 30 years for Gay teens to even be aknowleged??

High schools accross the country now have gay/straight alliances. Riverdale High has a Swedish immigrant Janitor.

I’m tired of the slurs and discrimination. We live in a country where comic book characters can get married, but gay and lesbian citizens are denied the basic civil rights to get married.

Will Archie choose Betty or Veronica? How about will Archie choose Regie or Jughead?

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By: some other chris Sat, 19 Dec 2009 03:26:53 +0000 Having grown up reading Archie digests, almost all of those characters were familiar to me, thanks to the reprints. Captain Sprocket, for instance, was in nearly every issue of Mad House Digest — but nowhere else. Super Duck also seemed to have a story in nearly every issue of Laugh Digest.

Ask Tony Isabella about Cosmo the Merry Martian.

By: James Schee Thu, 17 Dec 2009 18:05:20 +0000 Wow those are some really odd looking characters in that first comic. Guess its a decent try to see if any strike fans fancy, so Archie might try and give them a better look down the road.

The fact that Betty doesn’t get the attention/respect for a story of Archie proposing to her doesn’t surprise me. The whole premise of so many Archie stories all seemed to be about how, even though Betty is a nicer/better person. Archie really wants Veronica, but will fall back to Betty if Veronica doesn’t want him.

Maybe its good for the brand that the stories aren’t being written well though. I remember there was a show, oh a decade or so back. I can’t remember its title, but had a certain mystery plus tragic “I can never be happy until I solve this” theme to it.

They did a a two parter though where the mystery was solved, and the character found happiness that was really well done. Right up to the end when it was revealed to all be a dream/memory implant. Then they tried to go back to the mystery and tragic formula, but I just wasn’t into it after having such a good ending. (even though it turned out to not be “real”)

By: Reeve Thu, 17 Dec 2009 14:06:11 +0000 There was an issue of Laugh from the late 80s-early 90s that featured Super Duck, but aside from him and Lil’ Jinx, none of those sound familiar to me. In the case of the Laugh issue, I think they did explain somewhere who Super Duck was; it’s a shame that they didn’t do the same this time around.

By: ADD Thu, 17 Dec 2009 13:48:48 +0000 I had no idea those were real characters in the comic shop story either, and I’ve been reading Archies literally as long as I have been reading comics, since 1972.

I wish they’d taken the opportunity to make the story something special and substantial, because it really felt like it could have been just that. Maybe part two will be an improvement, although there’s little reason to think so based on part one…