Viz Anime Launches

Viz has launched an anime streaming site,, with links to episodes of 11 series, including Naruto, Inuyasha, Honey and Clover, Death Note, The Prince of Tennis, and Bleach. Some of my favorite manga have video adaptations here, like Nana and Hikaru no Go. Free video, what could be better?


  1. Phillip Temple

    Any word on whether the content on these sites is streamed, available for download, etc. ?

    I don’t think that anime will supplant manga, as some of my more
    nuggetheaded associates loudly proclaim. (Yes, Robert that’s you.)

    With the current economic situation in my neck of the woods, (a local BORDERS store not doing well at all, and no other comic book in easy commute distance) I can’t help wondering if online is going to be THE method for distribution of manga (print content) and anime (a-v content)

    I admit my preference for actually holding the book in my hands,
    but if online is the only way, then..

    Your thoughts, please..

  2. Phillip Temple

    And no sooner than I typed the above, the ad box to the right sprouted all these ads for kindle, ipods, and other devices…sigh..

  3. The Viz anime runs through, I think, so it’s streamed. They also sell episodes through iTunes if you want to download. Viz is actually doing a pretty good job of making their products available in lots of places to match different viewer wants.

    Personally, I still haven’t clicked with anime — I just read manga, and that in book form.

    Sorry the ad selector is too sensitive for you. :)

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