SP! Nexus Downloadable Small Press Magazine

SP! Nexus is a new magazine available as a free downloadable PDF. It descends from the former print Self Publisher magazine (which I’m unfamiliar with).

The editor is Erik Hendrix, writer of Faction, which won the Small Press Idol contest last year. The magazine contains two interviews, both with creators and about books I wasn’t familiar with. Very smartly, the PDF also contains previews of the titles discussed.

There’s an article on how to improve submissions and how-tos on writing and coloring. The comic reviews are for unknown titles, which is in keeping with the magazine’s mission, although they need to decide whether or not they’re using ratings and if so, how many stars are the max. I don’t think the movie, music, and video game reviews are necessary, myself.

The magazine needs some proofreading — I noticed several typos in the first few pages, including some really obvious ones, like “creat” — but I found the landscape format better suited to my computer screen than portrait pages. They need more quality control in general, since several pages (p13, p23, p62-67) were missing completely from the PDF I just grabbed. Also, the first comic preview was missing all of its word balloons. With that same sample, I found it odd that a superhero comic wouldn’t want to show off some action pages as well as some secret identity scenes.

Overall, this isn’t a bad idea, but I suspect, like so many projects aimed at wannabe comic creators, the audience is going to be made of mostly of people who want to be in it (that is, it’s preaching to the choir). I’m not sure how much outreach to non-creator comic readers SP! Nexus will achieve, which it needs to really benefit those profiled and previewed within. I didn’t find it a must-read, and I probably won’t bother with future issues, because I can find similar material elsewhere on the web without putting up with the PDF format and its hassles. The material covered was familiar to me, and the books shown were more “I wanna do superheroes” indy comics, which there are too many of in the world already.

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