Transfuzion’s Ferrymen Expanded From Rising Stars of Manga Story

Ferrymen, a graphic novel by Aleister Gilgrim (The Cemeterians), is due in March from Transfuzion (160 pages for $18.99).

It’s described as “the story of a recently deceased girl who is transported to the after-life. She … is briskly swept up in a twisted plot of intrigue, deception, and danger between the Dead Realms.” Which could cover an awful lot of similar “visiting the land of the dead” stories, but as always, it’s what the artist does with it.

I’m interested because the graphic novel is based on and expanded from a short story from Tokyopop’s Rising Stars of Manga. (His web page says Rising Stars of Manga Volume 3, so I’m guessing that it’s the story “Dorothy Needs Needles and Knives” by “Iain Gill”.) That first link has 6 preview pages. I can see the manga influence in the art style. And I like this description by Gilgrim of his inspiration:

“Originally the idea came from spending time in Moscow and riding the old wooden metro system. The cars are really old, decrepit, and at the same time beautiful, it’s like taking the tube from another dimension. That got me started thinking about monsters and escorting people in an old other-wordly-tube system.”

The book can be ordered through comic shops with Diamond code JAN10 1115.

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