Excellent Blogging Advice From Ed and Brigid

Two recent posts had some excellent advice for bloggers.

First, content. Site contributor Ed Sizemore wrote out some thoughts on online argument (link no longer available) that it helps to keep in mind with disagreeing with someone. Ed’s been very well-trained in philosophy and other areas of deep thinking, and he explains his points clearly and in detail. My favorites are points 5 (“Don’t Take It Personally”) and 6 (“Respect Your Opponent”). Like Ed, I really enjoy a good debate, but it helps when everyone feels comfortable participating passionately but without getting their feelings hurt.

Next, structure. Brigid Alverson provides a number of tips on running a successful website, involving how to get people to notice and link to you. The point about having a name visible on the site is one I’d like to see more people pay attention to. I’d much rather credit a person than a site name.

Checking your RSS feed regularly is also important, as is considering what your ads say about your site. Since different visitors may see different advertisements, if you see something on a site you object to or you think is a bad idea, let the site know! The maintainer may not have seen it.

While I’m kibitzing on Brigid’s posts, I really hate sites that timestamp things with time only, not date. I don’t care if the post or comment was posted at 2 AM or PM — I do care whether it was posted this week or six months ago.

One Response to “Excellent Blogging Advice From Ed and Brigid”

  1. Liane Says:

    Philisophy always fascinates me. I’m planning to take courses next semester about it. :)

    As with what Ed said, I think that’s really a strong point. There are many fruitful things that can come with a disagreement. It provides a holistic discussion through the exchange of ideas. But of course, it should be kept at a constructive level.




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