Universal Launches Blu-Ray/DVD Flipper Discs With Bourne Movie Re-Releases
January 9, 2010

On January 19, Universal is going to re-release the Bourne moviesThe Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum — as the first of their Blu-ray/ DVD “Flipper” Discs.

The Bourne Identity cover
The Bourne Identity
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These discs contain both movie formats on one piece of plastic: standard DVD is on one side, Blu-ray on the other. While other studios are bundling DVDs with their Blu-rays to try and convince customers to upgrade, this Universal package solves the problem by creating just one product.

Here’s my favorite part, quoted from the press release: “Each side of Universal’s flipper discs includes the entire movie as well as all available bonus features, with the Blu-ray side featuring exciting BD exclusives such as U-Control and BD-Live.” It’s that part about the DVD side still containing “all available bonus features” that I like. Other studios are making featurettes and the like Blu-ray only, which leaves me out.

The list price is $30, but Amazon’s got the new discs available for $20 right now, which is about what special edition DVDs go for in general. Previously, the Blu-ray versions of these movies were only available in a trilogy package; these three new editions bought separately will be cheaper, plus provide more portability, since DVD players are available in more places.

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Thom writes:  

Hmmmm… Universal did this with HD DVDs back during the format war… they had not done it with the Blu-Rays, because, as I recall, it made the discs to thick. But this might be a better way to get people to by the blu-ray than Warner Bros releasing DVD as bare bones.

Johanna writes:  

Oh, interesting history. I’d forgotten about HD already. :)


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