MoCCA Rep Responds to Archie Comic Exhibit Criticism

In a comment posted to my post about the question of artist credits at the MoCCA Archie Comics exhibit, Ellen Abramowitz, a member of the MoCCA Board of Trustees and one of the exhibit creators, responds:

The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art believes strongly in creators’ rights, particularly the right of artists to be credited for their work. Due to a logistical snafu we regret, when THE ART OF ARCHIE opened the wall cards had not been completed. Instead, we presented visitors with handouts that provided, among other information, the name of each piece and named the artist(s) who created it. Fortunately, a few weeks after the opening the cards identifying each piece and each artist arrived and went up on the walls, and the use of handouts was discontinued.

We invited Mr. Nadel to come to discuss his issues with the show with us in the gallery, in part so he could see for himself that this was true, but as he said in his blog post, his schedule seems to have prevented him from attending such a meeting.

It’s our policy as a museum to give proper credit to every piece of art on our walls. We regret the wall cards not being finished closer to the actual opening of the show, and resorting to the necessity of handouts, but they are up there now and will have been there for the majority of the time the show was open to the public.

So it wasn’t a choice, and it wasn’t due to Archie Comics pressure, but simply a “logistical snafu”. I’m glad to hear it was simply a mistake/ delay, not any kind of policy.

Update: Heidi Macdonald talked to Archie co-CEO Jon Goldwater about the exhibit and the company’s changing policies on credit.

Going forward, I give you my word as CEO of Archie Comics that every writer, every artist, and every penciller, every inker — whatever the credit may be — in every digest will be credited.

I’m glad to hear it, and I’ll be watching for it.

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