Leverage Returns Tonight on TNT
January 13, 2010

Leverage returns on TNT with a mini-season of six episodes starting tonight at 10 PM ET. (The first half of the season started last July, and the first season is available on DVD.)

In “The Runway Job”, the team aims to take down a sweatshop exploiter and his wannabe designer wife. This setting of course allows Jeri Ryan to model high fashion as well as providing comedy as Christian Kane (the muscle), Aldis Hodge (the hacker), and Beth Riesgraf (the thief) struggle to fit in a world that they know little about and don’t really care for. I wasn’t surprised to see Riesgraf undercover as a model, because she’s beautiful, although she carried it off with the typical wacky attitude of her character, making for some of the show’s best moments.

Ryan is still standing in for Gina Bellman (Sophie), although Sophie is having webcam conversations with the team from Paris and other global locations. I’m glad, because she’s not as brusque as Ryan’s character. I think we’re not supposed to like Ryan much, just as the team feels a bit off about their lack of history with her. Mixing up the interactions shows us more about the characters, as well as allowing the writers to tweak the viewers, since we don’t have a good sense yet of where her loyalties really are.

I enjoyed watching this episode, like all the others, for its blend of action, humor, and caper. Next week, “The Bottle Job” (January 20) has the team attempting to save a neighborhood bar, in an episode directed by Jonathan Frakes. Future episodes include one where they have to break Nate’s ex-wife out of a Ukrainian jail; another guest-starring Luke Perry as a fake psychic (is there any other kind?); and a two-parter written by series co-creator John Rogers involving baseball and a corrupt mayor.

Here’s a clip from the premiere with Ryan and Kane. Also, a show soundtrack is now available.

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Kat Kan writes:  

Oh yeah! I love Leverage about as much as I love Chuck! which is quite a lot. ^_^

Johanna writes:  

I love Chuck a little more, just because he seems like someone I could know, while the Leverage crew are totally fictional types (except maybe for Aldis’ character). But yes, both are great fun to watch! I hadn’t thought about those similarities before.

Argo Plummer writes:  

I love Leverage too. It’s one of the few TV shows for which I eagerly anticipate new episodes. Yes, it is a very formulaic show–there’s a bad guy, the crew tries to con him / her, things don’t go as expected, in the end, Nate either was two steps ahead of the bad guy or was so smart he made something up on the fly that worked.

What separates this from so many other formula shows on TV, for me, is the combination of smart writing–it’s both funny and riveting–and the casting–everyone is spot on perfect for their roles. I think Beth Reisgraf is my favorite, but occasionally Christian Kane drops a line that leaves my rolling. They are all great though. I’m interested to see what Jeri Ryan brings to the table.

Johanna writes:  

Oooh, your analysis of the formula — which I think is accurate — just made me realize that this first episode (which I’ve already seen) does shake that up a little in a way that incorporates Ryan’s role differently. Neat. I don’t want to spoil anything though.

I would have to say that, much as I love seeing Aldis work, Christian’s character is my favorite.

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