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I’m pleased to see how many of the manga series Viz has been running on the SigIKKI.com site have been announced for print collection. (Much as I love sampling manga for free online, I do love my books for later rereading.) First, a couple of exceptions: Children of the Sea is the line leader, with two books already in print, and not simple was previewed on the site instead of being serialized there.

That leaves eight original series at the site. All of the first four will be out in the first half of this year. (Unless otherwise noted, all books are $12.99, the standard price for Signature line manga.)

Bokurano: Ours coverDorohedoro coverIll Give It My All Tomorrow coverSaturn Apartments cover
Bokurano: OursDorohedoroI’ll Give It My All TomorrowSaturn Apartments
February 16March 16May 18May 18
Rated T+ (Older Teens)Rated M (Mature)Rated ??Rated T (Teens)

I’m very glad to see that Saturn Apartments is coming out, since that was my favorite of that bunch. It’s got an appeal similar to Planetes, science fiction that takes the everyday person’s point of view.

Of the next batch, only Tokyo Flow Chart doesn’t have an announced release date, and that doesn’t surprise me, since it’s rather an acquired, unusual taste. Only two chapters of it have been published online to date.

Afterschool Charisma coverHouse of Five Leaves coverKingyo Used Books cover
Afterschool CharismaHouse of Five LeavesKingyo Used Books
June 15April 20March 16
Rated T+ (Older Teens)Rated T+ (Older Teens)Rated ??

Of this batch, I’ll be getting the first and the last (which is maybe my favorite, since it visually portrays the love of books and how much of an effect they have on readers’ lives).

There are three other series at the site, I Am a Turtle, What’s the Answer?, and Bob and His Funky Crew, but they’re too new to have books announced yet. If I had to guess, I’d bet that Answer is too odd to make it, but the Turtle series has a quiet all-ages animal appeal, although as a four-panel strip, its audience might also be limited. If you’re curious about any of these, sample them online at SigIKKI.com.


  1. Which ones will you actually buy?
    For me, it’s only:
    I’ll Give It My All… Tomorrow
    Saturn Apartments
    House of Five Leaves

    I’m okay with doing the others only online. I feel like I’m sorta in the venn diagram demographic for Dorohedoro and Bokurano:Ours, but I can’t get into either of them (so far).

    Kingyo has a nice atmosphere, but didn’t grab me in the first 2 chapters…

  2. I’ll definitely get the three I mentioned — Saturn Apartments, Afterschool Charisma, Kingyo Used Books — but one of the cool things about this line is its diversity, both in subject and in age group/ratings. I meant to mention that in the post, actually, that I was surprised to see some Signature books rated for Teens.

  3. These series are what really got me interested in manga so I’ve been looking forward to the print editions for a while now. I’ll be getting Doroheodo, Bokurano, Saturn Apartments(my favorite series of the bunch) and House of Five Leaves.

  4. I’m going to pick up Saturn Apartments, Kingyo Used Books, and I’ll Give It My All Tomorrow. As far as the rating for Kingyo Used Books–it’s “awesome”. I’ll have to borrow someone’s copy of House of Five Leaves. I’m on the fence about that title.

  5. I’m going to get “Kingyo Used Books” and I already started with “Saturn Apartments” (in French through, http://www.mangakana.com/s723/La-cite-saturne.html ). On the others, I’ll pass. Not my cup of tea.

    BTW: I also switched to the French edition of “Ooku” ( http://www.mangakana.com/s727/Le-Pavillon-des-Hommes.html ). Smaller in format, but equally well-printed and no annoying dialect.

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