Twilight Graphic Novel Details, Preview Available

Yen Press announced that they would be publishing a Twilight manga adaptation last July. Now, more details on Twilight: The Graphic Novel are available.

Twilight: The Graphic Novel cover
Twilight: The Graphic Novel
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Of note: the title clearly labels it a graphic novel, which is probably better than calling it manga (which comes with all kinds of assumptions attached). The book will be hardcover, list price $19.99, although Amazon already has it at 45% off, for a price of $11. The release date is March 16, 2010. At the time of this writing, it is the fourth best-selling book at the online retailer.

The hope is that this will expose more readers to the comic format, and this is certainly a great deal for Yen, but I suspect that these customers would buy anything with the Twilight logo on it. Whether they continue reading graphic novels would depend on whether there’s more easy-to-find material that they will enjoy. (Yen is also publishing a Gossip Girl spinoff, so there’s one possibility.)

The first printing will be 350,000 copies, a large number, especially for comics, but, given customer demand, a reasonable one. (The Twilight books are reported to have sold 85 million copies across four volumes.) This volume only adapts the first half of the prose novel, with a Volume 2 coming at a date to be announced. The artist, Young Kim, is Korean, and this is her first major sequential work. She is adapting with feedback from author Stephenie Meyer. From Yen’s press release,

A rare fusion of Asian and Western comic techniques is reflected in this black-and-white graphic novel with color interspersed throughout. Meyer consulted throughout the artistic process and had input on every panel.

That should reassure readers concerned about authenticity. Since Korean comics are printed left-to-right, there should be no issues with panel flow (as there would be with a manga). Based on this EW preview, the characters are appropriately moody, but the dialogue fonts are horrible. They need to use hand lettering (or a facsimile) instead of typeset lettering. For more information, buy Entertainment Weekly on Friday; they’re promising a 10-page preview and interview with Meyer.


  1. I just hope they put house ads or preferably an x page preview of Svet’s Night School, which is also vampire/supernatural related.

  2. Oh, good idea! Nightschool would be another great “if you liked that, try this” suggestion. As would Vampire Knight. Smart stores are likely already planning their displays accordingly.

  3. Here’s a funny (odd) thing: Amazon doesn’t have it categorized as a graphic novel, so it doesn’t show up on their Comics & Graphic Novels bestseller list…

    I agree with you about the font. Ugh. I also dislike Yen’s fonts on their Yotsuba&! volumes as well.

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  5. I adore Twilight! I can barely wait for Twilight Eclipse! I’m so infatuated with taylor, lol.
    I still think that the first film was better, but New Moon def. wins in eye candy lol


  7. I think you might have another year or two to wait for that, given typical graphic novel turnaround times.

  8. I absolutely adore twilight!!!
    And I love Manga too!
    I can’t wait for the next volume :)
    They should make graohic novels for other books too, I’d definately read them :D

  9. If you’re looking for other adaptations, you may want to check out Gossip Girl, also from Yen, or some of Del Rey’s graphic novels, like In Odd We Trust.

  10. It’s a Manhwa, not a manga. Manga is Japanese. Manhwa is Korean.

    ~The more you know~

  11. Yeah, I don’t think that’s why people are objecting to it. :)

    You’re right, but actually, the book was labeled a “graphic novel”. The word “manga” was used in publicity because that was the buzzword people would know and be interested by.

  12. i like to read it…so awesome..i can’t wait to buy the second book..and bella character seems differ at there…?

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  16. HOW DARE THEY! What gives them the GAUL to call this hideous thing manga? Manga is a Japanese trade that is read from right to left with a good story line. Not this crap! This is a graphic novella.

  17. As you can see from the cover, they did label it Graphic Novel, not manga.

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