Complete Cartoon Sets Half Off
January 26, 2010

I’ve previously run articles on a couple of the impressive, more-than-complete DVD sets Shout Factory has released for fan-favorite cartoons Transformers and G.I. Joe. Now, Amazon has the DVD box sets for just about half off.

Transformers cover
Buy the Transformers
25th Anniversary Matrix of Leadership Collector’s Edition
List price $170 US, now $87.

G.I. Joe cover
Buy G.I. Joe
A Real American Hero Complete Series Limited Edition Collector’s Set
List price $180 US, now $94.

If that’s a little pricey for your nostalgia jones, the complete He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is also on sale for just $10.

2 Responses  
Thad writes:  

That’s actually the 2002 He-Man, not the original series. On the whole it’s superior to the original (better writing, better animation, and a cast of some of the best voice actors working today), but lacking in the cheesy charm.

Still, $10 is pretty tempting.

Johanna writes:  

Thanks for clarifying that. I’m not a He-Man fan, so I didn’t even know there was more than one!


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