Marvel Launches Heroic Age

Marvel got primo press placement today with an article in USA Today promising that “Heroes will be heroes again” and the Marvel universe will soon have “a renewed sense of hope and optimism.”

It’s about time! It has been a depressing, morally repugnant place where the bad guys were thought to be heroes and the “good guys” were doing terrible things in the name of expedience. I’m actually looking forward to this “exciting new direction” for two reasons:

1. I like optimistic heroes that do the right thing.

2. “Titles branded with the Heroic Age banner offer a perfect jumping on point for readers new and old alike.” Which is always a plus, since Marvel can be a confusing place.

Unfortunately, I have to wait until May, when the Avengers title relaunches with a new #1. Even more unfortunately, Marvel is placing renewed emphasis on its best-known heroes — meaning except for the hot redhead in the catsuit, they’re all white guys or animal people. I hope that some of the promised new characters bring a bit more diversity.

14 Responses to “Marvel Launches Heroic Age”

  1. Chris G. Says:

    In fairness, Sue Storm could be in the picture…

  2. James Schee Says:

    Am I too much of a pessimist to say “I’ll believe it, when I see it.”

    Between this and DC’s “Brightest Day” that’s promising similar things, and both by most of the same creators involved in the dreary and dull. Well…

  3. thekamisama Says:

    They sure were trying hard to send the message that this had nothing to do with Disney ordering them to clean up their act (because they didn’t, we swear!)

  4. Thom Says:

    They were talking about this before the Disney merger…I suspect this is not Disney forcing anything upon them.

  5. Johanna Says:

    Yeah, I don’t think it has anything to do with Disney, just a general fatigue and malaise among superhero readers. The ones I know are tired of the jaded, violent approach and want something more optimistic.

  6. ADD Says:

    …which would require someone besides Bendis and the other Marvel standard-bearers writing the comics.

  7. Rob Says:

    Hm. How many titles can Dan Slott write in a month? ;)

  8. stevapalooza Says:

    Makes sense. Real life is depressing enough these days.

  9. Jim Perreault Says:

    Nice to see “Agents of Atlas” in the ad. I certainly would not call them well known heroes.

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  12. mr.wizardscomics Says:

    Marvel is all about the money…Has anyone counted how many new Avenger and X-Men spin-offs are coming from the new “Heroic Age”? It is getting hard to keep up with them all.

  13. andy Says:

    Are you people seriously in favor of this? First they kill off Sentry, the same way as Scarlet Witch (great message about problem solutions, guys). And now we have stories with no plot anymore. It’s just hack and slash, no character growth and no story arc. You probably liked Transformers 2 as well.

  14. andy Says:

    I miss the Silver Surfer. And Boy Genius by Judd Winnick. Ok, I’m done; everyone is completely entitled to their own opinion.




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