Manga Creators Make Devil an American-Style Comic

Out next Wednesday from Dark Horse is Devil #1, the first issue of a vampire comic created by manga artist Torajiro Kishi in conjunction with Madhouse Studios.

It struck my attention because, while I’ve seen lots of discussion of what OEL manga (manga created by native English speakers) means, I don’t know that I’ve seen much talk about Japanese creators seeking to mimic Western-style comics. DC put out a Batman comic in that style called Death Mask a couple of years ago, and Madara, one of the CMX launch titles, was done with Western (left-to-right) formatting. Marvel tried publishing some Spider-Man manga here, but it didn’t seem to do very well, and I think it just used the character, not an American format. Are there other good examples I’m missing? It makes sense to me that DC would be experimenting most in this area, given that they’re the only big comic publisher of American origin with a manga line.

Update: I’m an idiot. They’re the only ones except for the publisher I’m writing about right here, of course. Thanks, Jim, for pointing that out and not being obnoxious about it.

Devil #1 is 24 pages for $3.50 US. A five-page online preview is available. (NSFW due to language, violence) It’s being compared to an action movie on paper, which should give some idea of the intended audience.

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