Free Online Graphic Novels by Acclaimed Creators

Have you checked out the New York Times Magazine’s Funny Pages? Some great graphic novels are posted there in PDF. If you’re looking for some online comic reading, you could do a lot worse than these:

6 Responses to “Free Online Graphic Novels by Acclaimed Creators”

  1. Alice Quinn Says:

    That is great!
    I do agree that if you can afford to put one of your graphic novels online you should, share the art! That is what the internet is all about!

  2. Diana Green Says:

    How does this relate to the copyright issues around Google posting people’s work without their consent? Are these posted with the cooperation of the artist and publisher, and is the copyright acknowledged? I can’t really tell from reading part of Seth’s piece how this is being handled.

  3. Johanna Says:

    The NY Times commissioned these works from the artists, and the right to reprint them online was likely part of the contract. The original publisher is the one putting them online.

  4. Kris Larsen Says:

    I wish I knew these were there before – I just bought “George Sprott” from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. It is quite a book to hold in one’s hands though!

  5. nookverse | FreeBooks: Graphic Novels at Funny Pages Says:

    […] Graphic Novels at Funny Pages Beth wrote on February 13th, 2010 at 08:42:25 AM Comics Worth Reading points out six graphic novels presented for free at the New York Times’ “Funny Pages” […]

  6. Marc sobel Says:

    There was also a Chris Ware story, part of Building Stories, I think, that ran in the Funny Pages, but for some reason, that one’s not online with the others.




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