Wowio Says “All Debts Paid”

I’d lost track of Wowio. Once it changed owners twice, and it quit paying publishers to put comics online for free, it didn’t offer much for me to pay attention to. Publishers pulled their works, so as a reader, there wasn’t material for me to look at. And as a reporter, “we’re still not paying people” isn’t much of a story.

So bless Sean Kleefeld for teasing out the latest news, by following the company’s current owner on Twitter. Sean quotes Wowio owner Brian Altounian as saying:

every publisher was paid entirely and I even added an interest payment on top of it as a good-faith gesture to apologize for the delays in payment.

Based on that, Sean says, “To my understanding, Wowio is now debt-free.” Me, I hope that’s true. The debts dated from June 2008, and that’s a long time for an artist to wait for funds. And given that a year ago Altounian had no plans to pay, I’m glad he changed his mind.

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  1. Bill Williams Says:


    Lone Star Press was owed a large chunk of cash and we have been paid in full. That allowed us to pay all of the freelancers in full. The ‘Countdown to Payment’ clock has been removed from our site.

    WOWIO is in transition at the moment and I have no idea what is coming next. They are going back to a version of the prior payment model where publishers are paid per download based on paying advertisers. Those last two words are the hold up. The online ad market is rough, so who knows when downloads will be financially supported. Like most people in digital distribution, they seem to be waiting for the sales lightning strike.

    WOWIO also offers our books for sale with the publishers keeping a reasonable share.

    I am happy that someone thought it a good idea to reach into Platinum and put a shine on a business that has some potential.


    *Begins cueing the I don’t read books or comics online arguements.*

  2. Johanna Says:

    That’s great to hear. Thanks for the update, Bill. I found myself wondering if they saw new hope for the company with the increasing attention on the iPad and digital comic companies.

  3. Bill Williams Says:

    I have some of the older projects coming out from IDW Digital and they are having a lot of luck on the Playstation platform. On the iPhone, you get lost with the weather and restaurant apps. In the PSP store you pitch right to the heart of the target demo, gamers.

    Selling books and comics online is about tomorrow’s market and hope. Between the lines, there is a lot of… “We hope it will grow into a viable revenue stream.” and “We hope to find a bigger and broader audience.”

    The bottom line is that we have no idea what the digital market will look like in five years, but we want to be part of it.

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  5. Gina Biggs Says:

    I’m happy to report that was also paid by Wowio.




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