Max Headroom Comes to DVD!
February 27, 2010

I’m thrilled to see this announcement by Warner Bros. and Shout! Factory.

Shout! Factory will be the exclusive media company to distribute Max Headroom and The Norm Show DVDs for home entertainment releases in the United States and Canada. … Production has begun to develop a wide range of bonus content for Max Headroom: The Complete Series DVD box set, as well as re-transferring the episodes from the original elements to provide the highest picture quality.

Apparently they’re aiming for release in August. According to an employee on the Shout forums, this is a major step forward in building a relationship with Warner:

WB’s always been wary about third-party licensing, so right now, we’re just focusing on making this relationship a good one and developing the best possible sets we can. I grew up loving Max Headroom, so hopefully, I can turn in a good product and give WB a good reason to give us more titles.

Shout does some great, fan-friendly sets with lots of extras, and they are good at supporting cult favorites like The Middleman. They also recently announced another of my 80s TV loves, Tales of the Gold Monkey, due out June 8. To give an idea of their packaging, that one will include a new half-hour making of featurette including two major actors, episode commentaries, image galleries, and a 24-page booklet. Six DVDs for a list price of $50 is a pretty good deal, I think, especially since you can preorder it now at 30% off. I don’t know how much Max Headroom will be, but I’m buying it!

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Nick writes:  

How disappointing. Shout Factory are [expletive deleted] awful when it comes to subtitling DVDs. They seem to think that saving a few dollars is better than not alienating a huge section of the market.

Johanna writes:  

Do you mean that they don’t subtitle, or aren’t good at it?

Nick writes:  

I didn’t mean to be unclear, though I can see now how my original comment is a bit: they don’t subtitle at all.

Dwight Williams writes:  

This must needs be remedied. Hearing-impaired fans deserve their full dose of Max as we knew him when!

Kris Larsen writes:  

I remember one of the commercials on a different network mocking “Tales of the Gold Monkey.” It went something like, “Would you rather watch reruns of Tales of the Gold Monkey or have a pie in the face?” The person they asked, rather sadly, chose the pie. I totally forgot about that show!

John writes:  

Excellent news! Max Headroom was great in so many ways, and left me a big fan of Matt Frewer. It’s nice to see dvd sets of shows like this coming out.

Now how about 7 Days, or Jake 2.0, and other great shows that fell off the radar when other lamer shows went to dvd?

JOHN :0)

Johanna writes:  

Apparently there’s a list on tvshowsondvd.com tracking the most requested shows, that some companies pay attention to. Me, I want a real WKRP, which won’t happen, or Head of the Class.


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